Dear Jojo,

I was emotional, and I mean lump-in-throat, tears-threatening-to-fall emotional after a dramatic talk with my mother goose, before I read the comments you posted. It made me laugh. A few seconds later, I was embarrassed.

That old post your researcher found,to me, feels like a century ago. Salamat pa rin sa pag-mention. Sorry din dahil sobrang kaapihan naman pala ang sinabi ko doon but those were personal thoughts and I know that you take everything in stride.  Thanks din for letting me know about the “wow, logs” joke. Now I know! Buong akala ko sa Pugad Baboy yun unang lumabas.

Sure, you can use whatever I wrote in my blog(s). I forget na where I heard it but all the things we say or write naman are rarely, if never, original.

So yun, thanks for the nice words, and yes, I will continue blogging because this is the only outlet I know that doesn’t involve violence. 😉

Your subtle plugging worked ha, I am definitely watching you tomorrow night. Truthfully, I don’t watch you at all, except for the times na nadadaanan ng channel surfing ko yung Channel 19. Tsup back to you. 😉

♥ Juday ♥

Categories: Random Judie

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