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I was roused from my well-deserved sleep by sounds of helpless moans and angry animal-like howls. Naturally, I would think it’s just the neighbor’s dog which has made it a hobby to do those sounds just when everyone’s asleep. Turned out it wasn’t the dog.

The sounds were from two of my drunk neighbors attempting to do a live sex show on a deserted street. My room is on the second floor of the house and our apartment boasts of very a high ceiling, so I got a “balcony view” of the performance.

They haven’t done it yet but I can assume something already reached something, what with flexible and adventurous body parts. Surprisingly, the noisy dog was quiet while it’s happening. One minute later, people started coming out of their houses and next thing I knew, it was chaos everywhere—the girl’s mother pulling her hair and uttering a cuss word that if you think of it, refers to herself, the barangay tanod trying to talk to the guy but since he’s drunk he tried to start a fight but was no match to our reliable “The Rock” of a tanod, the guy’s sister cussing him which, just the same, refers to their own mother, the guy’s sister’s son bawling because he was dragged to the street at that ungodly hour, neighbors fulfilling their desire to be informed. My mother went up to me and said I shouldn’t look, (“But it’s free, mom!”) and asked me how much I have seen. Nothing much, I said. Hahaha. However, she expressed her annoyance by telling me something like, See, this is what happens when people get drunk. It’s embarrassing. Guli baculi. Saying something about what I did a few hours before would make me too defensive so I just shut up.

Anyway, the street show was nothing compared to when the self-proclaimed king of Chromium Street (on the premise that they’ve lived here the longest) throws a mean fit: he challenges people to kill him, he drags his ex-live-in partner until she’s unclothed because she got home at 2 am, he cusses on close doors when sensible people don’t go out and fight him, among others.

Our street is not dangerous in that when everyone is sober, we live our lives like normal people.

Ah, middle class Manila. If I live in some posh village, things wouldn’t be as cool as this.

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  1. hehe i’m excited for you, nyaks! me, i don’t know yet if i could. it’s a hindrance to my mother’s telenovelas! grr. pero gagawan ko ng paraan hehe i’ve waited for it so long, sa studio 23 pa nga before, had no idea Qtv pala makakabili ng rights. šŸ™‚

  2. haha, nakakagulat tlaga! pang-journal entry!

    and wooow, thanks for the update! ang ganda ng timeslot. galing, galing. hopefully Season 1 ep 1 bukas. im excited! šŸ˜‰

  3. Hmmm.. street shows.. never saw one before.. looking forward to someday. Haha.

    Btw, House will premiere on July 17, Tuesday at 8:30pm. Just a heads up. šŸ™‚


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