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The Harry Potter mania did not hit me that much. Never did. I enjoyed reading books 1 to 3 though. I think I just borrowed them from Bam, my college bestfriend. I watched Goblet of Fire last year with Kryzzy and I remember dozing off a few times (because I was tired).

Last Sunday, it felt a bit surreal having to bump into and sit beside hordes of people who are reading one and the same book. So I did my share of HP flipping. I read the epilogue. “All was well,” the last sentence said. Some said too many died. Some said there was clear and definite closure. I have yet to appreciate it.

My non-conversion is surprising to think that I’m too easy when it comes to buying books. Before, anything with Oprah’s Book Club seal on it, I would buy. Then what stuck the longest was collecting books of an author whose one random novel I have read. I rarely dislike novels, by the way. I have a wide respect for writers and I feel I’m being too unfair to them by saying their book sucked. I’m that nice. Anyway, I think it was only the Left Behind Series which I managed to let go of.

Anyway, add to my growing collection of untouched books, and because I want to have loose bills that time, I bought Outlander by Diana Gabaldon and In This Mountain by Jan Karon. See, I always see these two in shelves and I’ve always wondered how come people buy them (they have more than 5 “bestsellers” so I assume people do buy them). So there. I was stressed last week that I think a dose of idyllic setting and a pinch of historical romance would cheer me up. Why do you think I watch Everwood and 7th Heaven? Because I have a tiny ray of hope for humanity.

So going back to Harry Potter, I decided to try it again. Generous friends lent me books 1 through 6. After Studio 60 tonight, I’m gonna be done with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I’ll try to look again for whatever these people are going crazy about.

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