Work schmork

I used to feel energized when the office clock strikes 4 p.m. Especially with my last, last boss, a 7 p.m. log out time was very common. I was very productive that way.

Since the trial rotation, I feel pangs of envy whenever my colleagues leave at 3:30 p.m. (because they start at 6:30 a.m., sometimes earlier). I was not required to report to work that early (as a supervisor, ahem– and hey, also because I’m one, I am permanently doomed to stay behind as long as an American officer is there because they may have something for us slaves foreign service nationals to do). Anyway, it’s odd to be left behind, even if my official dismissal is only an hour later. Another thing, they would always wait for me, or would make me follow whenever they want to dine out somewhere. It totally blew my chance for a free ride.

I hope I’ll get used to this soon. A colleague who has a toddler said this schedule is good for her because she gets to have quality time with her son. Okayyy. Maybe I’ll appreciate this more when I go back to school next sem. I could ask for a “rotation within a rotation” so if I leave at 3:30 pm for Diliman I wouldn’t have to file for leave anymore.

I just hope all of us will adjust to this soon. My deputy had to be rushed to the ER today because her body clock (and other human dilemmas combined) did not take it anymore.

Categories: Employee Judie

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