rain and pain

I love the weather now. But I feel bad because I just finished watching the last episode of Studio 60.

I still find it unfair that NBC axed it. Creator Aaron Sorkin took all the blame.  But he was right when he said,

When all everyone does is try to draw personal connections between your characters and real people, you’re not really watching a play or a TV show anymore. It becomes a tabloid experience.

He wasn’t making an autobiographical show. Most people just didn’t get it. The show they replaced it with got mediocre ratings than Studio 60. Between another “backstage” show, 30 Rock (which is lame, I’m sorry), Studio 60 had to be killed off. It suffered more setbacks with ratings and advertisers than Studio 60. Something like 30 Rock being owned by NBC while Studio 60, by Warner Bros. became a vital factor in deciding which stays. Ugh.

The very reason Jack Rudolph gave to Simon regarding Danny and Matt’s departure from Studio 60 five years before summed up the fate of Studio 60 the show. God, I wish you have watched it to know what I’m talking about. I truly loved Jack Rudolph in that scene.

Bottomline…if you don’t run a network, you don’t have a say. I mean, who are you anyway?

I’m part-happy, part-sad because I found this:


But its format is Region 1. Do I have to rely on our efficient pirate friends to make a copy as soon as it comes out? I can wait, you know. I suppose my player is not multi-region capable because my Region 1 DVD of The Good Girl cannot play on it until now. So what kind plays all frakkin’ regions? I got Philips now and a little something with the name Orange.

Hell, I didn’t feel like this about House (maybe because it’s soaring high and is far from ending?); I even broke my promise not to buy a copy until the actual Season 3 DVD is released (some episodes were annoyingly faulty but surprisingly, I didn’t feel a bit bad, just took it in stride).

Still, I’m sad. I’ll miss everyone.



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