Things to be thankful for today…

1. Right on time patience attack when your cab driver won’t drop you off where it’s convenient for you because it will be inconvenient for him.

“Kung mag-u-u-turn ako di ang layo pa ng iikutin ko nyan, sa bandang Pedro Gil pa.Tsk naman.”

“(almost inaudible) Eh ako ang pasahero mo, wala kang magagawa. (sense the patience kicking in)”

In the end he did drop me off to my usual unloading station. A few strings short of snapping, I would have reamed him. Mainit pa naman ulo ko kaninang umaga, buti na lang.

2. Right on time patience attack when servers at a small tea house laughed at the apparent mistake that they forgot to make my peppermint tea pot, and it has been 15 minutes since I placed the order. I was sure it was 15 minutes because I time myself when I read, remember?

Good thing I simply sighed, calmly reminded them of it, and went back to reading.

3. Finishing a book in one sitting.

4. Picture taking and simply being all relaxed and wacky. Beyond all my disillusions (valid ones), I also know that I work with a wonderful set of people every single demented workday.

5. Sifting thoughts and compartmentalizing feelings that constituted a mature me, hopefully (happened within the first two hours at work).

6. Leaving early and not feeling guilty about not finishing tasks. It’s past office hours.

7. My new lanyard. It’s not free but I got it dirt cheap.

8. Very fast internet connection that enabled me to upload pictures.

9. Very fast internet connection that made me search and watch Bradley Whitford videos (still in my stalker mode, everyone).

10. Getting a Friendster invite from your grade school class. I still don’t know who created the account but it’s a nostalgic trip just viewing the pictures so thank you to you!

11. A new layout for my Multiply. Totally rocks.

12. Being booked with various socials on all Fridays of this month.

13. Mundane things that made me smile and goosebump-y (in a good way); an added thrill is my deliberate decision to keep it to myself because it will go away soon anyway. Thank goodness Bradley Whitford is everywhere in cyberspace. (And Jennifer Aniston, too— during my break, I browsed a forum with almost all of Brad and Jen’s pics. Sayang tlaga sila, hahaha. I’m so a fan–taking a cue from my overall assessment of Takano, beyond repair.)

Oh yes, the “mundane things” and Bradley Whitford are connected (but not related!).

Lastly, since I’m still on Bradley, in his January 2005 appearance on Ellen, he said, “I felt like a head bobbing in a sea of failure.” Niiiice. Should probably use that one of these days.

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