you made me happy

I was not planning to update my blogs until the clock struck 21:00.

I kinda felt something good was coming. I was left working until 18:00 (by choice) which enabled me to finish a task pending for two weeks now. I was inches away from our gate when the rain started pouring. There wasn’t any leftover food because they thought I’m going to dine out, as I usually do, but I managed to whip a simple tuna and apple salad of sorts which turned out to be so good. Then I went online and youtube’d without annoying connection glitches. See, everything was working out well.

Then I turned the TV on around 21:00 because it has been a habit to tune in to ETC 2nd Avenue on Tuesdays.

Hah, there it was, the 2nd to the last episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip!

I can’t say I totally didn’t see it coming because last week, the season enders of The Class and How I Met Your Mother were aired, then they re-ran it last night (both are ETC channels, owned by Solar Entertainment). I just didn’t expect that they’re going to repeat Studio 60 as well especially since its Sunday re-run was replaced by Nip/Tuck three weeks ago pa. And grabe, not just the finale, but the second to the last one! I still have the last one to look forward to next week (hopefully). Oh btw, in replacement of The Class and HIMYM, they’re bringing back Will and Grace season 7 and Friends Season 2 starting next week. Ha-ha!

So…that’s it, I was just so ecstatic. I’m going to sleep happy.

Yeah, I know, ang haba ng pasakalye for something so shallow lang pala. But hey, it made me really happy. Jack Rudolph is love. Danny Tripp and Matt Albie are so up there in my list though. Harriet is love, too.

Fan mode button, naka-on hanggang next week, or until further notice.

Categories: Random Judie, TV & Movie Buff Judie

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