A Thursday with Watashi P.

It’s a typical lethargic day in the office. WP requested to take pictures of her to add to a growing collection of her “with my many dads” gallery. I told her I have had too many pictures of her with different guys in the office. What do you know, she wants more.

Before you think lowly of WP, it’s not serious, the gallery project, I mean. We are just shameless when a camera is around. =)

 wata and drin

^ with AD. Almost all of the Talahib (Wild Grass) boys* posed with her already. ^


^ I love this one. Yagit-yagitan effect. ^ 

To cap this day, I watched Rush Hour 3 with Lalaine. When you’re tired after a long day, you actually appreciate anything. Anyway, Lalaine has been a constant companion lately, something that we used to do until we kinda drifted apart because of work schedule. I swear, even my mother is doubting if I would be announcing Lalaine and I’s engagement anytime, hahaha!!! But hello, let’s just say she is a super companion. A hell of a friend. Love her ♥ but not in that way. =)

Also, I’ve been looking for months for a copy of The Master and Margarita. Thanks to National Bookstore who’s on sale this week, I found a paperback of it for P164 pesos, after a 20% discount. My love affair with Russia is fluorishing.

After a very clear day, it seems Egay is making itself felt now. See, when the government announces a suspension of classes on all levels, you can expect a beautiful, clear day. When they say that all students should go back to school, the storm would come around lunch time. Then it will be darn flooded practically everywhere and legions of people would be stuck. Welcome to the Philippines, everyone.  Though I have to say, I love most parts of the stormy season, except for the devastation. So ano may pasok ba bukas???

* As part of our team building shiznit last year, our visa printers who happened to be composed of all men boys then, called themselves the Talahib Boys. There was a profound explanation why they called themselves such but no one believed it, I guess. Our team chose “CSI” and while it’s corny, we won naman. Ahem. =) Nami-miss ko tuloy si Ms. C.

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