sex on legs

I saw this meme from Patty and I was amused.

I decided to make a list of my own. I discussed it in passing with my colleagues and I gathered that we would never have issues with men whom we want to sleep with. Hahaha!!! Very good.

Here’s the crazy thing: 

[1] List 5 celebrities you would have sex with without even asking questions.
[2] Put all of them IN ORDER of your lust for them. (5 – 1, 1 is the hottest.)
[3] Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you.
[4] Supply photos for said people.
[5] Tag five people!

Okay, I feel worthless comparing HOW Patty did hers so I’m not gonna try to “fantasticize” it.

If Liam Neeson is it for Emma Thompson, here are 5 men who are it for me. Sex on legs, that is.

Number 5!

Victor Garber

^ Victor Garber ^

Hah. The hottest double spy ever, imho. I stopped liking Sydney Bristow but not him. =)

Number 4!

Hugh Laurie

^ Hugh Laurie ^

If I stop thinking of a limping Dr. Greg House, Hugh Laurie would still be a good choice. He’s tall and he’s got a good body, I’m telling you. I kind of feel icky thinking of it actually because I love men who are good fathers and good husbands. Oh well, taking all those away, I wouldn’t mind doing it with Hugh.

Number 3!


^ Vince Vaughn ^

I love Vince Vaughn until he starts talking. I perceive him as lame. Lame but nice. But, the same with Hugh, taking all those impressions away, as in just a naked standing Vince Vaughn alone, I wouldn’t think twice. You know, my super ideal frame in a guy is the tall but stocky type, just like him (actually since Dodgeball lang…he’s kinda payat in previous films and while most people prefer that look, kasi guwapo talaga sya, I like him better when he was bear-y big). Kinikilig ako just thinking about it, hahaha!

Number 2!

Bradley Whitford 

^ Bradley Whitford ^

Borderline geeky but arguably very intelligent. Passionate. Cranky. I guess not necessarily Bradley Whitford because my shagging thoughts are all about Danny Tripp.

Number 1!

THE George Clooney 

^ George Clooney

Gosh, do I need to explain? In truth, S&M is a big no-no pero if he asks, why not? Hahaha!!! Don’t cringe but even in his scruffy and ginormous look in Syriana, I was still drooling. =)

Do you see the trend? I fantasize about middle-aged men! Actually there are more celebrities out there (Wentworth Miller, etc.) but they don’t appeal to me as much for reasons I can’t explain. Grabe, much older men! And I derived the fascination from the characters they played who were wonderfully dysfunctional at some point (may addict sa Vicodin, may recovering alcoholic, may leading a double life, may A-1 thief, to name a few!).

I can imagine my reaction when I go back to this post in a few years, especially when I’m married and all. I’m sure my future husband would laugh at me. Well, that is, if I don’t end up with one of them! Hahaha….I’m excluding Victor, Hugh and Bradley so George and Vince…run for your lives! =) Don’t ask me though who are the non-celebrity guys I want to sleep with. I’m not that ready yet to put my reputation on the line. There are only a few naman that you wouldn’t be shocked if I tell you…but still, I will not tell you.

So…I’m not tagging anyone anymore. To anyone who would be brave enough to go this far in the course of their blogging career, go ahead, do the meme.

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2 replies

  1. hahaha, Ms C, you’re right about my father issues! =) all this time talaga yun siguro ang motivation ko. and i guessed it right, si McDreamy ang number 1 mo! =)

  2. Naku Jday, Your father issues are showing! All these men are older than me! !! Dapat ako ang bumoboto ng ganyan. Kung ako ang tatanungin — 1. Mc Dreamy 2. George Clooney 3. Mel Gibson 4. Brad Pitt 5. Antonio Banderas o diba? In my wildest dreeeemz.

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