high school questions

Fill this out about your high school! The longer ago it was, the more fun the answers will be (reallly?).

1. Who was/were your best friends?
In alphabetical order (of names), Anedyn, Anna Liza (Lizette), Lyndsey Grace, Mzarriz Anne and Portia. We had a cheesy name na Etucap kasi lagi kami nagpapa-cute sa lahat ng tao (hahaha); it was, is and will be shallow and corny but it caught on and we’re happy with it. =)

2.What sport/s did u play?
I am a doofus when it comes to any kind of sport. Pero cheerdancer ako dati. Ha!

3. What kind of car did you drive?
I think no one had cars of their own then. For such a small town where everyone practically know each other through some sort of family connection, all students in my high school were either dropped off by owner-type jeeps or rode the jeep and/or tricycle to and from school, regardless of “social” status.

4. It’s Friday night, where were you?
At home.

5. Were you much of a party animal?
Animal lang. Hahaha =)

6. Were you considered a flirt/player?

7. Ever skip school?
Uhm…yeah. I had my lapses. Sophomore high, to be exact.

8. Were you a nerd?
No! Especially during my junior and senior years, I was pretty much sabog.

9. What’s your funniest memory in school?
A looot. Example yung pumasok ako naka-stockings kasi a goose bit me. Or kapag ginagaya namin ang Spice Girls (they were goddesses then, you know. 1997!). Yung petty fights sa student council(we call it student government) especially during our senior year.

10. Did you get suspended/expelled?

11. Can you sing the fight song?
Do we even have a trademark fight song? Wala ata.

12. Who were your favorite teachers?
(thinks) I guess si Ms Bilugan nung sophomore high. She was our English teacher who was really very good. Si Mrs. Magsino sa Home Econ. Gosh.

13. Favorite class?
English and Social Studies, 4th year.

14. Did you go to Prom?
We didn’t have prom (the total junior and senior population then were close to 2,000 so paano naman yun ano?) We had Seniors’ Ball though.

15. If you could go back and do it over, would you?

16. What do you remember most about graduation?
While we were singing the alma mater song, almost all of us cried…which was amazing because during the endless rehearsals, we never felt a bit close to tearing.

17. Favorite memory of your Senior Year?
When I left my friends in the run for the student government.

Ang dramatic pa noon— see, in junior year, 3 of us in the barkada were already “Senators” and one was a year representative; the plan was, Lyndsey will run for President then ako VP, then Mzarriz and Anedyn for senators. There was a bit of a squabble because Portia either wanted to run for senator as well or year rep but we kinda promised na the latter to Arlene, who’s also a good friend of the barkada. Thursday afternoon, the day before the “awaited” party formation…it was really a big deal in school…I called Portia, who was having thoughts of jumping to the rival party because of her shaky position in the final slate, to tell her that she has to stay put during the formation because there’s gonna be a slot for her. Ayaw pa nya noon maniwala, thinking I was just being a pathetic good friend, but I vehemently told her na she has to stick with them. I called in sick the next day. And ending, they adjusted people in the slate. Mzarriz ran for VP, Portia ran for year rep…and I showed up on Saturday, on the campaign kick-off, with all the courage I could muster, to help them prepare for the campaign. Ang traitor ng dating di ba? I could have just said it early on but I didn’t. Oh well, mas colorful ang outcome ng election, and when I have time, I would reminisce and write it down just because.

18. Did you have a job when you were on your senior year?
If being editor of the school paper would qualify because of the honoraria, then yes.

19. Where did you go most often for lunch?
Very few times sa canteen, then to those eateries along Nueno Avenue (na yung isa puro menudo ang specialty, yung nasa tapat puro tapa). Minsan sa Jollibee or sa Greenwich but they were kinda far na. During senior year though lagi lang ako nagbabaon at sa office ng school paper lang kami kumakain. May siga factor na ako noon eh. Hahaha!!!

20. What did you do after graduation?
Picture galore then dinner with family sa Shakey’s sa Nueno.

21. When did u graduate?
April 1998

22. Who was your Senior prom date?
Joseph Henessey Gorriceta =)

23. Are you going to your ten-year reunion?
It’s going to be next year na and I haven’t heard a whisper about it. I make it a point to see my barkada though.

24. Who was your homeroom teacher?
1st year- the scary Mrs. Gabuat; 2nd year- Mrs. Alarcon (who cried kaso sobrang nafrustrate sa kakulitan namin); 3rd year- Mrs. Maligaya; 4th year- Mrs. Camaclang

25. Who was President of your class?
1st year- I forgot na. si Mzarriz ata ; 2nd year- ako!; 3rd year-si Pilar? Who eventually became our valedictorian; 4th year- Henessey

26. What were you voted as in your senior year?
President ng English Circle (na ang controversial pa because the other sections fielded this Fil-Am transferee from Long Beach who was really nice naman…I won by a few hands in the air lang); VP ng Young Homemaker’s Club (for reasons God only knew); Muse ng Computer Society, hahaha but only because they’ve been pairing me with this geeky classmate since forever at siya ang ginawang escort noon. My being school paper editor was an appointment.

27. What were your accomplishments in your senior year?
Winning inter-school contests hehehe. Putting out 4 issues of the school paper, plus one special alumni edition; completing the yearbook through sheer hardwork (I got almost a thousand batchmates, everyone), getting elected to this school writers’ club as VP by confidently showing up in the voting room with only 2 of my schoolmates (short story, through my innate kakapalan ng mukha I gathered enough votes to win over other school reps from all of Cavite).

Hay, memories. God, can you make me 14 again?

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