I’m still alive!

I’m running short on cash, stripping my book fair budget. They all went to buying books anyway so there wasn’t much disappointment. It’s a super itch I can’t seem to avoid. I hate you Powerbooks and National Bookstore for both holding a month-long sale weeks before the international book fair.

Since I’ve spent a portion of my book fair budget buying books from other sources, when I go to the book fair on Saturday, I will only look for Arkady Renko novels by Martin Cruz Smith, a trade paperback copy of The Ministry of Pain and Endymion Spring, and novels by Vikram Chandra. I have to remind myself that I have jillions of books in my to-be-read pile and I’m beginning to get scared of my mother’s dagger looks whenever she sees me buy new ones.

♥     ♥     ♥

I am also behind in watching my latest bootleg DVD finds =). However, I’m happy to have watched movies in theaters in succession. Not that it justifies and balances my patronage of bootleg DVDs, but of course I still know that some movies are best viewed on the big screen. I just hope that 1408 won’t disappoint me.


My latest buys. A Clockwork Orange, Cinema Paradiso, Goya’s Ghosts, In The Mood For Love, The Conformist (take note of the critics tomatometer rating!), Transamerica (Lynette! Lynette! =)), Twentynine Palms, Venus, Y Tu Mama Tambien (I watched half of it while on a bus two years ago!) Images courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes.  

If it’s any consolation, if I’m still unsuccessful by next month, I’m going to buy original The West Wing DVDs.

I also developed a girl-crush on Audrey Tautou. It was unintentional to have watched Amelie (DVD) and The Da Vinci Code (HBO) in succession last Sunday. 

I know it’s too late of a reaction, but season 3 of Desperate Housewives premiered on Star World last night…at the same time as Studio 60 which I thought would be replaced by Nip/Tuck but I love you ETC 2nd Avenue, you moved 6 episodes back and aired The Disaster Show last night!

♥     ♥     ♥

Work is still the same. It’s like a ruthless assassin who requires you to dodge madness, chaos and stupidity every single f– day.

♥     ♥     ♥

I’m still fat. I have dark maroon nails. I am happily miserable. Who isn’t anyway?

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  1. hello! i think y tu… was screened in 2004, i’m not sure. i hope to watch it in full soon! and hey, thanks for visiting! =)

  2. hi! just ran smack into your blog while i was googling showbiz stuff. y tu mama tambien is a beautiful film.
    has it ever opened in manila?

  3. hi! just ran smack into your blog while i was googling showbiz stuff. y tu mama tambien is a beautiful film.
    has it ever opened in the manila?

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