pictures from the week that was

Last week started a bit good then it picked up on Thursday. Well, it’s payday and get-togethers and dinner dates started sprouting like mushrooms, so that probably did it. I guess it’s already too trite but when you at least try to love (sincerely) what you do, it has its ways of loving you back, apart from putting a little something in your payroll account every other Thursday.

(L-R) That’s Electric G, Pole Dancer J, Energetic J (my tucayo), me, and Cool Mom C! This date is practically months and months in the making, and I had a feeling that only a few of us would show up; the day being a Thursday and a payday, these were reasons that would make you go and do your own stuff first before meeting up with new-found friends-but-long-time-colleagues. =) Kidding! I know that family stuff and work thingies got most of them occupied so they weren’t able to come. I hope that they would be able to next time. It was a fun night because we’re all from different agencies and hilarious anecdotes and personal stories surely varied. I love these people already! 🙂

Is this love? I think so! =)

I just had to have this shot taken. We were done with dinner and on our way to grab coffee when we passed by Toy Kingdom. This was taken by Electric G (whose kryptonite is lycopene! Ha, private joke!).

hapy people

Then on Friday, which fell on an Admin Day where we close for public services but catch up with internal business, we also bid farewell to two of the coolest colleagues we had lately. One of them will transfer to another unit while the other would just move down the hall (she declared, in almost a whisper, that she didn’t want to move).


An overdue meeting. Now, this picture disturbed my mother. Look at the blue plastic bag (filled with pandesal), and the opened can of corned beef. Then the black-and-white print-outs of various images. I was tempted to say that this is the cleanest that it can get.

We're quite un-energetic =)

You might have noticed that since we had “interns” aka people from other teams rotating to our team to learn correspondence fluff, we got in the habit of taking pictures of us on Fridays. We noticed that the energy has waned as the weeks passed. I guess too much work took it away. We hope to regain the mojo (:-)) next time.

headshots, literal!

Still, this one is a favorite.

Kape Isla, Serendra

We capped the work week with a dinner date with our former boss. I still miss her in the office, especially when I need to ask for enlightenment about anything, ranging from the mundane to the serious issues of the universe. We had a superb dinner at Kape Isla in Serendra, where we got served with yummy Pinoy dishes that didn’t hurt the pocket that much. If you will be in the area, do try them and sample their organic pork binagoongan. It’s really good! There are limited offerings as of this time but they’re going to expand the menu soon. It was sad that we didn’t get to try their coffee variants, which is what their flagship product is! Next time, perhaps. There’s going to be a next time, really. Oh, don’t forget to try their desserts, too!

That Friday date was highlighted by a trip, my first, in Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street. Undescribable. In my past life, I think I was locked up in a room full of books that instead of it killing me, my tormentors found me happily living in there, much to their disappointment. Something like that. Anyway, despite the rampant stealing of Honda logos in their parking lots (three cars, Daise’s car included, were victimized that night), it was a fun night. Anyway, it was just an “H” but Daise said it costs more than a thousand if you have it replaced.

Overall, I give this week an A- mark. Friends, laughter, good food, books…the week truly deserved its grade.

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  1. and we love you, too! had a blast, kahit na inumaga tayo pre-preho 🙂 stay Tiggeriffic! next time we do videoke, m dying to hear your Total Eclipse hehe


  1. my day after christmas is more christmassy =) « ♣ judiefication ♣

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