My Man Should Be…

I snagged this meme from Ms. C. It asks if I prefer my man to have the following qualities. Ang saya naman sagutan, in fairness. =)

1. Suplado = A turn-on, though not the snooty type. Iba yung suplado na alam mong may karapatan, iba yung suplado lang pero obviously na very hollow ang skull.

2. Mr. Shades = During long DAYTIME travels, oo naman. Pero pag tolerable ang sunshine at nasa loob ng vehicle, no-no yung pa-cool na naka-shades. Tipong, Hoy, tanggalin mo yan dahil gusto kong makita ang mata mo pag kinakausap kita.

3. Masculado = No offense to bodybuilders but muscled men na yung naglalangis pa ang katawan, and yung chest kasinlaki na halos ng mismong boobs ko, parang, ehhh, pass.

4. Guys who give flowers = Definitely, although in moderation. I don’t like making flower-giving a habit, substituting it for whatever that needs to be talked about. Ayoko din yung binibigay kapag lalabas kami on a date. E di dala-dala pa yun habang naglalakad, ay ayaw. And remember, hindi nakakain ang bulaklak… =)

5. Smiling face = Half-half. Remember, I usually get attracted with men na nagsusuplado sa umpisa.Because sila ang tipo na pag nahuli mo ang soft side, para kang naka-discover ng male version ng isang geisha. Feeling ko lang.

6. Hiphop = No. Yung ang waist ng pantalon halos nasa alak-alakan na, na mas mababa pa sa cheap na brief at boxer shorts na parang bacon na yung garter, ay pwede ba…

7. Guys who ask permission before courting = Not so much. I know that it pays to always clarify pero I am a firm believer na you would just know it…when nagkakatinginan na lang kayo and yun na.

8. Has earring/s = Sorry, no. And I mean in any part of the body.

9. Used to chew bubblegum = I had a phase like this and feeling ko lang parang kulang sa maturity pa yung ganun. Sana nakipag-date na lang ako sa goat di ba?

10. Long-hair = Kung kasing-haba ng buhok ko (and ka-texture), never mind. Ayoko naman maging boyfriend si Noah. Pero seriously, like, Lino Cayetano, he’s cute and charming, pero I still prefer guys whose haircuts are normal.

11. Bald = A big YES. Hala, sabi nga ni Ms. C, my father issues are showing, hahaha!!! I’ve always been attracted with men who are balding, or are already bald.

12. Antipatiko = If it runs along the lines of being suplado as I mean it in #1, then yes.

13. Torpe = No. Although I’m very careful to distinguish who is careful versus who is being too safe.

14. Computer-games addict = Like Ms. C, tech savvy, YES. Computer games addict, NO! Pwede naman mag-indulge and play but to the point of addition, hay hahanap na lang ako ng ibang joystick to play with. Hahaha!!! Erase, erase!

15. Basketball player = Pwede. Although not the professional type. I still want a regular guy who has an 8-5 job. Yeah, I’m quite boring like that.

16. Mr. Count-my-ex’s-till-you-drop =That’s a red flag alerting you of instability and fear of commitment! Although ako din pala, may fear of commitment, oops.

17. Mestizo = Tapos chubby at kalbo, ay go. Anytime. In a heartbeat.

18. Guys who sing well =Kahit hindi na super galing, basta carry ang tunes.

19. Quiet/tame = To an extent. With the number of words I have to emit every single day, it will freak me out to be with someone who would just nod and smile and give facial expressions to the things I say.

20. Cum laude = Not necessarily. But I am attracted with guys who are really intelligent (maraming intelligent tlaga na hindi naman nasasama sa honors list, d’you know what I mean?). I honestly prefer that my man would be more intelligent than me kasi I love the feeling na maraming natutunan from him. Pero wag lang yung mamatahin ako dahil hindi naman ako bobo na nakuha nya ano.

21. Formal = When needed, yes. I value being true and honest but breeding and character are different.

22. Friendly = Of course. But not the type who some people are prone to misconstrue na too friendly. Just enough to accomodate other people in our lives…ang freaky nung sa iyo lang iikot ang buhay nya, yay!

23. Mr. I have an opinion about anything & everything = As long as he knows to keep some of them to himself, and say them in all the right moments, then yes, pwede na.

24. Motorcycle guy = No, thanks. Not too adventurous in that aspect. =)

26. Rocker =No, thanks.

27. Skate boarder = No, thanks.

28. Alaskador (prankster) = Once in a while.

29. Flirt = No, thanks. Kahit naniniwala ako na, “If you can do it, then I can it too and I can do it better”, syempre hangga’t makakaiwas to use that phrase, opt to say no to guys like this na lang.

30. Mr. Campus Crush = No. My crushes are usually those types who my friends would initially say, “Him?Really? Why?”

31. Bigotilyo = I used to have a crush on Tom Selleck because of this but I got over it and I don’t see it happening again. Pero sabi nga, you can never can tell. =)

32. Painter = Pwede. But not for a living. No offense, but still, the boring side of me wants someone who has a regular job and has a hobby of, say, kick-ass painting, on weekends.

33. Galante = Duh, of course. =) Although early on, I would establish na the things I love receiving, para hindi sayang. Ang trick siguro is to substitute it para hindi naman nya ma-feel na hindi important ang effort nya. Like, “Babe, instead of that Christian Louboutin pumps, ibili mo na lang kaya ako ng laptop? “ Mga ganun.

34. Mr. Love Letter = Yes, yes, yes. That guy would always get lucky, believe me. Hahaha!!!

35. Maporma = This is subjective. I think not the loud type na maporma. Yung tipong nakikipag-compete pa sa dami ng bling blings ko (and if you know me, I feel bare without my accesories), sorry!

36. Talks Too Much = They say that similar poles repel each other, so NO.

37. Soccer Hottie = No, thanks. Yung geeky but sweet and poetic na waterboy pwede pa siguro, hahaha!!!

38. Anti-Christ = Religion is not so fundamentally important to me but I cannot tolerate being anti something or someone that I believe in. If you do not believe at all, that siguro pwede pa. I don’t know, this is very complicated.

39. Mama’s Boy = To a certain extent. I would love to see a guy caring for his mother but still has a mind of his own.

40. Hangs Out With His Friends A Lot = A lot? I don’t see it lasting long. While I have my set of friends, I can not spend time with them to be with my guy. Like it’s a hard choice to make?

41. Mysterious Guy =At first. But if you’ve been going out for a while, I expect him to loosen up a bit. But not be a total giveway naman. Mga 70% “readable” – 30% mysterious.

42. Cute Idiot = Big no. I get violent pag may bobo akong kausap. Ay I’m so bad.

43. Guitarist = Oh yes. I’ve always thought that my ideal guy can play the guitar. Wala lang. Probably brought by my first crush in fourth grade na nagpa-practice nung intro ng More Than Words malapit sa akin, feeling ko ako ang tinutugtugan nya, hahaha!!!

44. Wide Vocabulary Guy = Oh yes.

45. Loves you = He actually has to love me more than I love him (and all of Judith’s prospective manliligaws sped off in different directions…) Seriously, of course, ano?

46. Tennis guy = As a hobby, sure.

47. Dark skin = Sabi nga ni Ms. C, Doesn’t matter so long as it’s good skin.

48. Tall = Hindi naman yung Yao Ming tall.  Although may na-crush-an ako na maliit pero, that’s it, crush lang naman yun. My man should really be taller than me. Except for my college boyfriend who was just an inch taller than me, all the others that followed (akala mo ang dami ano), were all 9-10 inches taller.

49. Chubby =The cute type, hindi yung parang slob. Kalbo + chubby + fair-skinned + intelligent + sweet + hardworking + loves to read = ay, take me home and introduce me to mama!

50. Hairy = Since I lean towards balding men, I guess not so much. Ayoko din ng hairy chest– ayoko ng parang nag-ga-gardening palagi. =)

 I enjoyed doing this! You can answer this, I would love to read them!

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