2nd circle of hell: financial morbidity

I forgot when I blogged about my financial slate being all clean and fresh in a couple of months. Well, things happened and let’s just say, the total wipe-out moment of my financial life will happen later than expected, although as a consolation, it’s still gonna be in 2008.

I am not exaggerating, or maybe I am, depending on how much money you actually get every payday. Without going to much details and figures, I’ll leave you with this: 25 years and almost 8 months old, with no “great” asset of her own yet (house, car, and the like), with satisfactory savings (VERY modest), carrying a total debt, if accumulated from all credit sources, of a six-figure amount.

Akala ng iba ang dami kong pera pero mali! Mali kayong lahat. Kung alam nyo lang. Minsan siguro masyado akong mayabang umasta kaya ganun. Ewan ko ba, eh to think ang doogie howser (dugyot) ko nga dahil to and from work naka-jeep lang ako, I have no sosyal socials, and I’m basically jologs as it is.

Hay, anyway, I know I’ll get over this.

The reason why it bothers me so much, particularly not being able to pay off everything by next year, is because I plan to leave by then (just a plan), and with that embarrassing amount over my head, it’s not gonna be easy. 

Again, kung sinuman nagsabi ng, In between going through life and death, you pay the bills, pasok ka sa banga.

Categories: Citizen Judie, Employee Judie

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  1. i have no savings at the age of 26. as in nada. i only have my philamlife insurance to show for it. sad.

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