“Judith looks like”

I still have 3 more circles of hell ready to be launched but I decided to relieve myself from the stress that they cause (they’re really bothering me…a lot).

Anyway, this is a funny meme:

Google the phrase “(Your name) looks like” and find the best ones from the first page of results. DON’T FORGET TO PUT IT IN QUOTES, otherwise it won’t work:

Here are my results:

Judith looks like someone slapped her in the face.

Judith looks like a real mommy-to-be.

Judith looks like she’s feeling a LONG way under the weather.

(The doll, named) Judith, looks like it is pregnant.

Judith looks like she is ready for a blizzard in the first one.

Judith looks like a person that is stubborn enough.

Judith looks like she is finally realizing she’s going to have to make good on this.

Judith looks like she’s plotting.

I put all the results of the first page.  Most, if not all, appear very creepy to me. I mean, look at the words! Mommy-to-be! Pregnant! Stubborn! Plotting!

I should not have done this, I just got confused. All the more confused and disoriented and crappy. Why? The succeeding circles of my hell are all related to the results. *grunts*

(Okay, instead of watching Windfall, I’ll just re-do my nail polish and read a book, and maybe sleep early. By early, I mean any time before 2 am. And oh, guess who bought a mat and will start taking yoga classes tomorrow?)

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