This might not be suitable for younger some readers.

Okay, there you are, still reading.

Anyway, a hot side topic last week at the office is sex. I always end up on the listening side of the stage neither because I am the youngest among us nor because my moral fiber is very sturdy. I preferred not to speak up. I still have an image to protect. Hahaha.

I have not had sex. Yet. And I don’t want to die a virgin, please. As much as I believe that it is ideal to hold on to it until your wedding night, I will not be a hypocrite to admit that it’s going to be a hell of a vow to adhere to. Anyway, I am not advertising myself but my point is, as long as it’s going to be…magical *violent shrieks* and unforgettable *chastity swords flying around*, I will not regret doing it anytime anyway. And this is not a trying hard slut-in-training statement. I haven’t had sex but it doesn’t mean I don’t know about (and have not done anything close to) it. See, I’m in my mid-twenties, I’m curious, I’ve had boyfriends, I read a lot, I’m imaginative…you do the math. And now, feel free to walk away, you moralists.

Last Friday, a colleague, due to our prodding, regaled us with discreet stories of the wonderful world of sex through the eyes of a middle-aged man. It was an intelligent and borderline obscene conversation among colleagues (and it only was a bit obscene because of corny attempts to be chaste and decent, like, hello?). From all the things that were said by everyone, I gathered that my phase of curiosity and tendency to experiment sexually will go on for a looooong time.

During my date with my high school bestfriends, as quarterlife crisis was topic of the night, sex was not left in the air. They asked me a “Have you…” question and one almost fell off her seat while the other had to cover her mouth in surprise. Take note, I only answered a short “Yes.” Maybe it’s my facial reaction, having said it like how I would answer, “Are you more than 120 pounds?” or “Is your hair long?” Whatever it was, which I’m not telling you here, it was not a big deal to answer because the answer was easy. And I didn’t see anything wrong with it. Yes, it’s related to sex.

I know I am rational enough to know how to protect myself, not just from the act itself, but from many things that it entails, before and after doing it. My mother, whom a lot of our relatives accuse of being protective to a fault, has been subtle in telling me that in this day and age, the only thing she wants me to remember always is that I have to protect myself from being too, uhm, used and eventually broken by doing it a lot, and worse, with different men. I don’t know if she believes I have not done it yet. She was just constant in telling me how this culture dictates the level of respect due a woman if she has been known to hop from one sex partner to another, even if she’s happy doing so. I know it and of course, I know more. Naturally, I will not let my being a sexual object define me. =)

Simply put, sex is great. People said so. I also believe it is, and if it’s my time to have it, I’ll just make sure it’s going to be something I will not regret (but no expectations guys, although you have to prepare, hahaha). I don’t know if I’m going to shrug at this entry when I’m in my mid-life, thinking of how little I know about sex, and life in general, when I was 25. I’m just saying that I’m open to sex, it’s not bad, and believe me, the people in my past who cringed at the sight of couples fondling, who overreacted at graphic sex scenes in the movies, they were the ones who are now posed provocatively in their Friendster profiles (enough to not believe they’re still virgins), and one of them just recently confessed to me that she and her boyfriend are doing it in his pad every weekend. 🙂

So, let’s all go back to our lives and maybe, just maybe, I’ll let you know if it has happened already. It might interest you to know that still, in some utopian set-up, I would like to do it with only one man for the rest of my life, married or not. As of now, I am hoping it happens while the Earth isn’t yet obliterated by global warming or aliens, whichever comes first. =)

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