little things worth mentioning

1. It’s official: The most annoying TV advertisement to date is Shaun T’s Hiphop Abs, complete with gyrating moves to the tune of Don’t Cha. I rarely watch TV so I don’t know if local channels show this as well. I’m unfortunate that it places its money on shows I watch on ETC and ETC 2nd Avenue. During airtimes of Studio 60 on Tuesday and Sunday nights, that darn ad would pop in every gap, along with that money-collecting trivia game of sorts by Smart Zed.

2. Rachel and Lalaine would probably chop me in little pieces when I tell them tomorrow that even the Sunday showtimes of Avenue Q are sold out already. Less than half of the seats were filled when I checked yesterday and just tonight, they’re all gone. Uh, scalpers, yoohoo?? If I don’t find three tickets by tomorrow, I have to make it up to these two ladies. Especially with Rach because we have lots of catching up to do, and this is one  chance to do it, yet I screwed it. Well, mare, we can just use our ticket money to eat somewhere fancy and tell each other stories, right? *uneasy smile*

3. Can you think of a nice surprise whose bigger picture screams “problem”, “temptation”, or better yet, “evil” right in front of you? I got that recently from an innocent telephone inquiry. The surprise made me relieved now that Christmas is fast approaching but I know it will add to my problems in a few weeks. But I’m only human and I don’t think of problems until they’re already screaming in my face, so I indulged and bought two books, ate a Mexican platter, downed a kicking espresso and went home late (well, 9 p.m. is late, haven’t you been reading me???). I’ll deal with it when billing time comes.

4. Speaking of not dealing with problems, I still cannot drag my ass to see my OB-GYN. I feel no pain but you feel and see things in your body that would make you wonder if it’s time to pay your physician a visit. I looked it up and saw that it’s a “normal condition in women of childbearing age and should not serve an alarm unless…” Well, I have not satisfied the condition of the unless part so I don’t know if I’m going to call for an appointment by Friday.

It’s something I got from my Dad, that innate stubbornness to see a doctor because I still can manage. And mind you, I don’t even have pain (well, baby we all got pain sabi nga sa Dreamgirls, but what I mean is…never mind). My sister whose a nurse would probably slam my head if she reads this. I’m not afraid of neither doctors nor hospitals, I just don’t like myself being checked. Let’s see, I still have 48 hours to change my mind.

5. We all have crushes. I even have a girl-crush. But do you have a crush on a TV show? It’s utter craziness, I know, but I think I do. No, not to a person in a TV show, but on a TV show! Care to guess what that show is? Whacked out-ness at its finest. At least it’s not towards animals or dead people.

6. My former boss tacked inspirational messages to her office wall which I didn’t bother to remove when I moved in. One of them, which is strategically located when you turn your head to the left as you give your eyes a break from the computer, simply states, “Don’t ask God to guide your steps if you are not willing to move your feet.”

It only struck me yesterday morning so before I worked, I promised God that I’m going to move my feet from then on, and I’ll leave the rest to Him. I haven’t moved my feet that much but I can see the results already. It’s like learning how to walk for the first time; you will start out so slow until your strides become faster, and eventually, you become so adept at it. I’m a work in progress, people. I may not be the most diligent employee there is but I know I’m working. Not hard enough, but you know, baby steps muna. In other things naman, I feel that I deliver. Minsan nga, ang epal na, tipong taas ng taas ng kamay kahit I’m not sure kung kaya ko ba. Hahaha!!!

I read a few pages of Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office a while ago and while I very rarely believe in self-help books like that, it was an interesting read. Humility aside, I got a corner office, so does that make me not nice? Or maybe I don’t have a corner office yet. I’m just delusional, hahaha! 🙂  Anyone out there who’s willing to buy me that book? I have to choose that purchase over two Anton Chekhov’s so it’s a slightly difficult fiscal decision to make.

7. Okay, I said that I’m not going to watch the ’07 Emmy replay. Maybe I will now, but only to catch this one. I watched it on youtube a few times na and that should have been enough but a good laugh is not that easy to miss on a bigger screen (well, about 18 inches bigger lang naman).

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3 replies

  1. eh, kayo! ako magpapaalam lang (not that i need the permission?!) and basta ba hindi tapat sa exams ng kiddies eh go sago! i know non-state judith wants videoke too (si energetic j pa ang ginawang dahilan, o!). yeah, look forward to the next time. take care, babe 🙂

  2. Thanks for the reminder, friend! I’ll do it soon.

    Hey, when are we going out again?

  3. hey juday! get yer *@# arse over to the OB. take it from me … the earlier you find out that (God forbid) something’s off-kilter in yer innards and female tubeworks, the sooner you can do something ’bout it. may kwento ako jan, pero someday na lang …

    concerned lang ako sa yo … my friend 🙂

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