It’s 12:30  a.m. as I type and I still feel so alive because downing a hot espresso at 10 p.m. wasn’t a good idea if you intend to sleep like a human being.

Anyway, I spent my Friday night rummaging randomly through various sites, because the ultimate artista fan in me kicked in very hard when I found this:

Paul Fischer : Can you talk about these other projects you’re working on??
Lauren Graham : Well this movie I’m doing right now is called ‘Laws of Motion.’ It’s an independent film that the playwright Craig Lucas is directing and Hilary Swank is a producer on it and has a supporting part in it just to lend her name to it. And that’s really cool, actually and inspiring to see an actress who has a company who is helping get stuff made because she believes in it. It’s the story of a dysfunctional family and Matthew Perry is my husband and we have sort of a quiet marriage that is in trouble and his brother and sister come to stay with us to disastrous results. And it’s just kind of a dark comedy but it’s a very conservative, preppy shut down character who is just trying to be nice to these people who she thinks are freaks.


Seriously? Seriously.

That’s Matthew Perry and Lauren Graham. I’ve always thought they would look good together which they probably tried because rumours flew of them dating and all. Then Lauren guested in Studio 60 as herself and fan-girl squishy screams came after seeing stills, two of which are below:

Thanks to Lena through the community where I got these from.

Anyway, I will wait for more news. Matthew’s been pretty secretive with his life, which is commendable, rathen than flaunting it as if you’re too good a human being by always getting papparazi’d (and I really used it as a verb, haha), leaving the house all glammed up to make a simple bathroom tissue errand. Hahaha bitterness!

Needless to say, I am happy for both of them.

Lastly, and I don’t mean to offend anybody, when David Letterman interviewed Ellen Degeneres last Friday, she mentioned about guests who were awfully better as actors than as interviewees. I know that Lauren seems to be a favorite on her show (she guested there for, what, six times already?) but, and I’m sorry, I thought maybe Ellen was referring to Lauren. Hey, I have not watched each and every idiotic and disappointing interviews with different personalities she has had on her show, though the times that I caught Lauren on the Ellen couch, she was funny and cute but in a tiresome stuttery manner. I wonder if she’s like that when she talks to people casually. She’s hilarious but she isn’t your best bet talk to in a talk show setting, really. In several instances, I also think of the same towards Jennifer Aniston. It’s either being too discriminate about what you’ll say that spontaneity suffers (although she, like Lauren manages to pull something nice in each interview), or some people are just not for talk show interviews. Sometimes it’s just disappointing. Nevertheless, they’re still adorable, and I forget easily so let’s leave my observation at that.

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