yummy Yamin!!!

Still incoherent and will probably stay this way because I’m sure I would be too lazy to edit this anyway.

So to continue my rundown, after a sinful dessert, Rach and I stood by just outside the roped area of the activity center to wait for Elliott. I was such a neophyte fan-girl, Rachel was ready to strangle me. It was technically my first mini-concert to attend to and I didn’t know sh*t about the essentials (finding out where it would be promoted, if they will hand out tickets, and if they do, where and when and how many, the strategic areas around the venue to watch out for, etc).

Less than an hour before the show, Eise popped in, panting.

After what seemed like hours, the show started. Elliott started off with a song I didn’t know. I’m a such a loser. I downloaded selected songs from his debut album, that’s why. I was reaction-less for the next few songs because I was, in truth, totally amused. Elliott was really there and even if he was a bit short in height, he’s totally hot. For me, okay. Wag na umangal, wag na maghanap ng away.

Anyway, when he sang Movin’ On, I felt energized that gusto ko na mag-climb over at the Makati Emergency response team’s table. 🙂 Then I fell in love with him when he sang the acoustic version of I’m the Man. It must have been too hot for him, what with all the lights on him, that he went backstage ng walang sabi-sabi. I looked at Rach and naively asked, “Di ba dapat nagsabi man lang sya na tapos na yung first set?” I don’t know what happened there. He went back on stage a few minutes after and sang A Song For You na syempre kahit yata yung mommy-fan behind Rach eh sobrang napatili. Nahuhuli ang mga generations ng fans ni Elliott.

When he left and the band as well, people were shouting for them to be back.

Rach was looking at me then said I should join the chorus. I kinda did.

Then Elliott emerged again na naka-white shirt na lang. The crowd went wild. Syempre ako din.

And that’s where Eise and I started looking at Elliott’s ass. Ang pervert di ba, but with all the movements he’s making, plus we’re on the right side (if you’re facing the stage), eh kita mo tlaga yung shape and I just had to stare at it when I’m not staring at his face.

Elliott’s ass. Attraction ito.

Anyway, when he sang Wait For You, I gathered all the neophyte-throat energy I armed myself with at nagsusumigaw na rin ako with matching sing-along na ewan ko if the couple in front of me were having bouts of wanting to skin me alive. If you can’t take my voice, then sing with me. Ganun lang yon. 🙂

He said Thank you! na, we shouted More!, they went back, and sang something na omfg I can’t remember anymore. When the lights went back on, we knew it was over. It lasted for about an hour and 10 minutes.

I was mentally planning to head to Market tomorrow after Mass and try to get a ticket. Hindi naman similar yung sets nya in his mall shows eh. I learned that in TriNoma, he sang Moody’s Mood for Love!!! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Anyway, I’ll see if I can pull it off tomorrow.  By the way, I was amazed with Rach’s friend and co-JVKV fan Yam. Akala ko she just bumped into us there then next thing I knew she was in line na and nung pinapaupo na yung nakakuha ng tickets, she was in front, at gitna pa! Rach said they’re that efficient sa mga ganyan. I even loved their “I ♥ EY” shirts.

Anyway, since we were by the right side of the stage, I got a good view of Elliott’s percussion guy, whose name I found out was Aaron Goldstein. He reminded Eise and me of a friend we had two years back, si Mike. Although, no one still beats Elliott’s ass. And this was typed with all the effort I could muster to remove any form of perversion, if it’s at all possible.

I know that Elliott is a very wonderful guy and I never forgot what his Mom told Idol before na his talent is already a given, and that he will be a great Idol dahil he’s really very kind and true. I remember crying din upon finding out online that he was eliminated na. Sniff sniff moments.

I forgot Matt, Danny, George for a while there! Although take note, when I got home, it was just in time for The Tonight Show, and I was correct that si (Sir) Hugh Laurie nga ang first guest nya!!! Saturday was raining all gorgeous-men-in-Judie-standards, I felt my mouth drying up because almost all my drool was gone.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your Emazing experience! : )


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