Because my life is naturally random.

Getting my life back means getting back to randomness.

My computer acted up again. Won’t turn on or even if it does, it will go all woozy until eye-hurting flurry of colors appear on the screen and a long tooooooooooooooooooooooooooot ensues.

I don’t think it was caused by µtorrent. Not when I’m less than three-fourths done with the whole 22 episodes of Studio 60. It must be from all those obscene videos that my friends from RoadRunner keeps on sending me. Hahaha!!! Or probably that darn Yahoo!Messenger. Maybe I just need to buy a new computer.

I hope I can get it fixed tomorrow because of all the pictures I have to upload. Plus Rach entrusted me her new iPod to fill it up with, and I don’t wanna let her down, and more importantly, I want to feel “upgraded” and keep Sophie Minnie (I know, Takano said I lacked originality because it’s a hot pink Mini) off for a while.

So I’m now here in a new internet shop just across my street. Last night, as I was going online, a riot broke out between warring moronic, imbecile, scumbag, dole bludger gangs and I got a good view of how they attempted to kill each other by throwing big rocks, dodging cars (whose drivers eventually stopped for fear of their windshields being smashed), cursing in one breath, and declaring an open invitation to kill everyone in their respective groups.

What a nice way to live. I will miss this when I work hard enough and eventually get very very rich.

Categories: Citizen Judie, Random Judie

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