I can get my life back now, hopefully.

Our team building enhancement activity was over and done a few hours ago. It ate practically my whole life the past five days. I would like to think it went well and even if I have yet to feel relieved and proud of this accomplishment, I think most of my colleagues found it very good.

Anyway, I literally botched and bungled two activities that were assigned to me. I was prepared to be swallowed whole by the Seafront soil until I heard myself saying some pitiful joke about my mistake utter stupidity and lamely connecting it with one of the day’s running elements, eliminating obstacles. I said before that I have not joined completely that bandwagon of getting-on-the-new-boss’-good-side but it’s hard not to during events like this because it’s just too damn embarrassing to mess up something as simple as an obstacle course and a cryptogram.

Anyway, after making my lame defense, the group clapped, the best that they can do while they cringe in annoyance, to save my face; when I saw the new boss clapping with them and mouthing, “Yes, yes” and nodding her head, I felt I have redeemed myself (from my useless pride) a bit. The support of my co-committee members was a redeemer by itself as well.

I’m just writing this to make myself feel much better even if I know that I did more things in this exercise that cannot be overshadowed by clumsily-prepared activities.

Actually, I now realized that it would have been better if I begged off from facilitating activities. Part of the reason why I did very poorly in my activities was because I prepared tons of things related to the event itself. In a nutshell, I believe I would be most effective preparing certificates, coming up with awards, decorating tokens, setting up wall announcements, preparing invites, and running down the committee’s progress. I did all of them and got warm words for it. I should think of that in future projects, something that I had the gall to tell our committee head when we said goodbye earlier. Minsan naso-sobrahan na ako sa pagiging “Promil kid”, as our office terminology goes, to think hindi nga ako nakatikim noon ever. 🙂

Overall, the event was a good one and everyone went home happy even if we’re all very tired. We, the committee, thought of pleasing our audience by making sure that food would flow throughout the day and boy, overflowing it was. I think a big part of why the participants were happy was because of the food. 🙂

Come Monday, everything will be back to normal until the next unit project. Since I barely worked last week, my pigsty / rainforest of a desk is eagerly waiting for me. It’s time to get serious once again.  

Categories: Employee Judie

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