back to square one

After several “organ” replacements, my computer is up and running again. Sure, it lost everything I filled it with for the last six months but who’s whining? Not me. Seriously. I was that numb and besides, I surprisingly felt nothing when it first broke down last March— when it contained practically my whole college life and the first three-and-a-half years of my life in the wonderful world of the employed— really, if I managed to let of them that easily, I would not fret over six months’ worth of avatars, an updated list of close-to-a-thousand books, videos of my favorite artistas, and pictures I took almost everyday.


Honestly, wala naman ako ma-feel. Eh nag-crash yung computer eh. Nawala lahat kasi pinalitan halos lahat ng nasa loob. Ganun lang.

This overhaul better be so damn worth it. I had to sacrifice a trip to Laoag and Vigan because the expenses it incurred slightly touched my trip’s budget and even if I had some more money left to spare, I was disheartened to go because I do not go to trips with a bahala na attitude, particularly in terms of finances. Hard times are here and I had to make a choice.

See, I managed to let go of a planned trip over something that is also important, with a few thousand bucks saved for myself in the long run. I’m growing up! If it was before, susumpong pa ako niyan and/or will resort to making a loan (AGAIN) at the credit cooperative dahil kailangan mapagbigyan lahat ng mga pinlano kong gawin. But hey, not anymore!!!

Since I’m also gonna be on leave for the whole of next week, that’s 9 days that hopefully, I will spend very very well. It should include getting back on my feet again in terms of my usual program downloads.

So everyone…since John had died, and new parts came inside him, now, meet Jack Rudolph. My new monitor, as you might have read before, is Dora Diamant.

Now, if the fusion of a dashing fictional television network chairman and Franz Kafka’s lover seems a bit odd, I just hope they will share a wonderful relationship now, because definitely, I cannot live without my computer at home.

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2 replies

  1. Hi, Iryn! Yup, I’m very excited as well. I just hope it will not go by so fast! Matagal-tagal din bago mauulit ito! =) Hope to see you soon, too!!!

  2. HI judie!
    kaka-excite naman un bakasyon. I havent had that long vacation… haay..
    Hope to see u soon


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