I told myself that I have to have some grace period. That’s the only way I could justify staying at home and idling the day away.

To be fair to me, I spent a considerable amount of time, in front of the TV, re-arranging my sock drawer. I have plenty of socks for someone who wears either pumps or open-toe sandals to work. I have, like, more than 30 pairs. Only 8 of them are black, 1 white and the rest are colored. I even have a LifeSavers-like pair of socks. I have 2 pairs of Valentine socks (hearts on it, red, you get the picture). I have 2 pairs of Christmas socks– one with a Christmas wreath, and one with Santa. Hah. And I got them after I graduated from college. I think I’ve worn most of them only once.

I was supposed to go to UP today but I didn’t. I have to do it tomorrow because if I wait till Wednesday, it’s not gonna work at all. It was a self-imposed deadline talking here.

I made a short video for a friend who’s abroad and is celebrating her birthday today. It sucks but it came from the heart so I hope that gets across.

House, M.D. in half an hour. Then I can go back to my current read, Special Topics in Calamity Physics— it’s engaging, so far.

I can forgive myself for this almost-useless day…and guess what, I will. Six more days, Judie.

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  1. rest well, pearl! plus yeah, next time na lang talaga, hindi na nga ako masyadong bitter nung nagtetext sila how great it has been, hahaha!!!

  2. ei, enjoy your leave. sana ako din. i’m sick and i need lots of rest. SL tuloy ako. hehe.

    you can go to laoag next time. si iryn disappointed din kasi di tuloy bora niya this year.


  1. Sock It » Monday

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