If I can find a way to weed out Sophie’s contents somewhere so I can save it on a newly-installed iTunes—so I don’t have to click “No” everytime it prompts me if I want to replace all the songs in that iTunes library, which came crashing down with John, with the ones (aka NOT ONE SONG) in the iTunes library in Jack— then I would be happier. Now I cannot add songs and podcasts because of this problem. Can somebody help me? I’m hopelessly, ho-humly dim when it comes to music players.

I found out how and I did it. My second day of vacation wrapped up pretty beautifully.

  • woke up late
  • bought new shoes
  • ate like mad
  • watched the replay of The Long Lead Story
  • saw the season 4 promo for Desperate Housewives (which will start on October 18 in Studio 23, just imagine how much more ABS-CBN had to shell out because of the imminent bye-bye birdie of Solar channels to skycable— and I promised myself not to rant about it again but argh…)
  • got a refund for my Laoag ticket from Cebu Pacific *sniff sniff* – and whew, Estee sent me a text just as I’m typing this post saying, “Juday, super enjoy kami dito, na-miss mo ang fun!!!” At 12 midnight, to send a text like that, they must have had fun. Argh. Sige pa, rub it in.
  • finally used Mozilla Firefox over Internet Explorer (and loving it)
  • signed up on Facebook (the bug bit me and I will not be “searchable” unless you look for Rebecca Tripp— yeah, I’m cheap like that)

Two down, seven to go.

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