…and it’s downhill from Friday

When my mother gets into her very nice mood, I resent that she tends to imbibe my laziness.

My Friday was spent at home, larding my ass, watching season 8 of Friends.

We didn’t leave the house as planned because it rained. Yes, we hate getting rained on probably for fear of multiplying, I don’t know. I was even so ready to go after three hours of prep time until I stepped out of the bathroom and saw my mother sitting lazily on the couch watching her favorite Colombian soap. Let’s not go, she said. In some cases, I would throw a fit because I rarely like ruined plans but not this time. Not when I started my day lazily as well. Telling me that is like offering a bone to a dog.

So that’s all I remembered about Friday.

On Saturday, we went to Quiapo to hear mass, we bought flowers (I love choosing and buying flowers! But I don’t like receiving them!) and special candles for Dad. We were in Dasma around lunch time. I would love to stay there longer, you know. A memorial garden is one of the perfect spots for reading peacefully. Obviously.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in my cousin’s house. It was fun. My cousin whips delicious food in an instant. I will be obese if I live with them.

I miss the travel along Aguinaldo highway. I miss Imus. I miss my high school life. I miss my life.

Two hours of nostalgia brought me to McDo for their spaghetti and chicken nuggets and Coke float. Ohhh, food. I used to worship that food combo. It might be high time to obsess over it again. That’s all I can afford anyway to get through Christmas (read: excessive spending) with flying colors.

Sunday. See my Friday and you got the same exact picture. Plus waiting for Videora to complete its download. It was an advice from Erwin because Yasa and Movie2iTunes didn’t work for me. I’ll see how this one would fare; not that I don’t trust him but yeah, whatever.

I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow. Who does anyway?

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