He’s here.

He’s here, it was quite like what E implied when she messaged me around lunch time. I didn’t catch it because I was busy re-telling the Eli Weinraub arc on Studio 60 to a very patient Sandy.

I don’t know if I have to tolerate getting all girlish (again) when he’s inserted in any conversation.

Yeah, if searching for a year-old picture of him in the central staff portfolio is any indication that it’s coming back, then so be it. I have to admit I had some thoughts about him during my (very fast) vacation but that’s it.

Well, it’s an improvement. I still lust after Matthew Perry and Danny Tripp (not Bradley Whitford) but not as much. Real time crush is always better, I guess.

Now I have to wait for a time when I actually see him in the flesh again. I’m not going to look for him. If push comes to shove, I might just wish for a fire drill or a fire alarm going off because of some pan de sal left in the microwave that will have the whole building evacuated to the grassy area at the back.

I’m smiling. And not only because I had my dose of Vladimir Putin news. Come on, America, be frustrated some more. George, you might still see him in the next G8 summit, what do you know? =) I love him.

I’m smiling because I’m listening to Bono.

I’m smiling.


Categories: Romantic Judie

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