My new shoes :(

I’m a seven and I will remain a seven. If I keep on wearing that darn shoes I could end up walking with a bitchin’ cane of my own.

It is normal to feel discomfort when you wear a new pair of shoes for the first time, right? But not this one. Not my new pair. It’s my fault anyway; getting a size 6, when I have been comfortably wearing size sevens since I started working, was a terrible mistake.

Getting a size six was brought by my experience with my last pair of the same brand and style (albeit a different color) which was a seven; it had me wearing insoles, only after a week of constant use, just to prevent my ankles from slipping when I walk. See, it was an open-toe pumps with a 4-inch heel (but a 10mm platform!) and with my majestic weight, the force would be towards the front, thus the shoe size loosening up after a few days.

I thought that the new size 6 will yield the same result but I don’t feel it coming now. It hurt terribly and I felt it as soon as I walked out of our street— too late to go back and change and besides, a lot of cabs already flood the main road, and I don’t want to be late on my first day after a 9-day break.

I wonder if something is wrong with my right leg because that’s where it hit me hard. It hurt not just on the foot but all the way to the shin. I felt my left foot hurting but not as bad as the right. Picture this – when I stride, I felt that my right shin has a steel inside it, from the instep to the knee. It was bad enough that I had to hail a cab after I crossed Roxas Boulevard— if you know my usual route, that 5 to 8-minute walk from the office to Padre Faura is part of my daily routine, sometimes farther if I decide to head to the nearby mall (Robinson’s) if I feel like reading, eating or window shopping . Today, the long walk from my office to the office gate took forever because it hurts really bad.

I was beginning to think of the worst. I imagine this must be what House felt (well, a fraction of what he felt, okay) but for someone whose pain threshold is very high, I was ready to scream muscle death! muscle death! infarction! infarction! if I lingered longer on the street.

Now I am limping. For real. My officemates always ask if I’m okay because I really limp when I walk but this time, it’s something I’m aware of. Very aware of.

Will I be back to wearing flats? I don’t like wearing flats when in the office because I feel so small and fat. At least when I’m in my four-inch heels, yes, I’m still fat, but I’m a tall, big person, you know? I like to intimidate most of the time, hihihi =) Though, seriously, when the workload’s a real bitch, I only get up from my chair four times a day, to get water from the water dispenser, which is a few steps away, and to pee which is about 20 steps anyway. So like it matters if I’m tall or small.

It was some love lost on my new pair of Syrup pumps. I thought we’re going to have fun but you hurt me on the first day, I don’t know if I can ever trust you again.

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