business trip essential #008

I love our admin assistant but there are administrative tasks that I think I can accomplish on my own.

Until I discover something very vital in the nick of time and it’s too late to swallow my pride and ask for her help.

Next time you go on a business trip, never assume that you did everything already. Most especially, never forget to book your hotel stay(s) in advance, not a day before the trip. Some people do not get as lucky with available rooms.

I have been reminded to prepare throat lozenges because my department’s announced participation in the trip would bring in plenty of people. Mental note: prepare lozenges and leave my ill temper at the door. I will be doing customer service.

More than the chance to serve my clients well (whoah), I am expecting to taste Zapata’s on this trip. And an authentic Aling Lucing’s sisig.

See you on Saturday, unless the hotel(s) have free internet stations (Wala akong laptop ‘no.)

P.S. My right leg still hurts. It’s sore. I feel bad about missing yoga again but what’s a pretty girl to do? Hay. Muscle death! Infarction!

Categories: Employee Judie

2 replies

  1. Thank you, dear! Sending my blog love right back at ya!

  2. Off-Topic:

    Judie, I’m sharing a blog award with you. Do visit my blog, pls. =)

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