I managed to live without an online life for 75 hours. And a life without Sophie for 70. The downside is I miss being up and about by 5 a.m., checking in and out of hotels, never turning the TV off, and travelling.

I am still dazed by the short but fruitful business trip (better than what we had in Baguio, considering that it is my 2nd favorite city in the Philippines) because my energy started to wear off as I set foot in my modest Manila apartment. I slept the whole day away and I’m still sleepy now.

Plus the devastation in Glorietta 2 still rocks me to the core. I even had a brief dream about it because the explosion site was probably the least place mallgoers flock to, but I love it like that because of the bargain books outlet by the escalator. I used to linger there for hours.

I would share details of my trip soon. I promised Chelli a long email update which I have not gotten around to do, not to even outline the things I want to share to her. So, I expect to sit down and actually make an update and not make it another barren promise. I don’t really blog now for my viewers but I blog for me. I always think that I will be famous in a few years and I will die a violent, sudden death that people will read my blog and rave about how simple my life had been until I reached my superstar status and eventually succumbed to death because of an envious enemy.

I’ll excuse myself now because I have to watch the 2nd episode of Desperate Housewives and catch up on the current issue Vanity Fair.

P.S. Thank you to Ivan for her blog badge. I love your blog, too, momma! 🙂

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