Let me try.

I already mentioned this concern a few months ago. Now that we have my niece and nephew while they’re on school break, I still cannot understand why they always have to follow me wherever I go, ask endless questions and if I openly declare I want some distance, they would creepily stand behind me, look at what I’m doing, and patiently wait until I’m done (when my real goal was to make them bored enough to go away and do something else). They’re supposed to be “awwwww” moments but I am sorry, I get tired of it easily.

I am afraid I will still be like this when I have my own children. I love these children now and I cannot resist buying them books which they really really love (and I could not believe I can forego buying books for me just so I can buy books for them!), or any trinket that I can bring home to them after work. It’s not like I would like to drive them away. I even enjoy accompanying them to Timezone (maybe because I get to have fun myself).

Maybe I’m just too used with being alone that actual human beings running around me for longer periods of time mess up my existence.

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  1. Thanks, Donna! I guess I have to be more patient with children. šŸ˜‰ Anyway, you have a wonderful family. I wish I could be like you when I become a mom myself. I love the dresses that you sew for your kids.

  2. I’ve always been someone who needed alone time, and with my kids, I just make sure they understood that from the time they were young. There are times when I need my husband’s help to keep them distracted, but as they get older, they are more respectful and understanding when I say that I need to work on something by myself–and they are beginning to appreciate the need to have their own time alone. I think it’s good to teach children the ability to entertain themselves from time to time–I know adults who don’t possess this trait.

    I found your blog through Livejournal, you are on my friends’ list–I am Dragonfly1867.

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