Occupied with too less TV

I should have learned, long ago, that I can never ever do anything work-related when I’m at home. Learning how and where to draw the line should have been ingrained in my puny brain.

This is to justify that planning to finish a certain management SOP that my boss has asked me to do a week ago, which I’ve been putting off, thinking I can always do it at home, remains that— a plan, very much undone as of now, and hey, we are supposed to discuss it in a meeting tomorrow. Just great.

After my self-appointed reading time at Rob (wait till the other coffee shops open, rarrr), I either go online OR watch TV until I fall asleep and recharge for the next day. I prided myself to be a TV lover but I discovered that my preferences are very limited.

On Mondays, it’s a toss between the current season of Prison Break (we are only 3 episodes behind from its US airing, thank God) or (a rehash of) season 3 of House. I would say I always sleep on it because…I don’t know, I always feel tired on Monday nights.

Tuesday is pretty fixed, with Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip at 9 p.m, then Brothers & Sisters at 10 p.m. — I try to keep my channel between 10 and 11 p.m. but the lure of Supernatural over at AXN kicks in sometimes.

Anyway, I love Brothers & Sisters not only because I can distinctly draw parallels between the Walkers and the Octavos. The head of the family dying unexpectedly is a good take off point if you want me to discuss it, which I wouldn’t do now though. I’ve only had 4 episodes of the first season and I love Kevin, Sarah and Justin Walker now. And everyone else. Even the botoxed Calista Flockhart.

Anyway, Wednesday may find me stalking reading people’s blogs because I just cannot bring myself to watch anything without trying to break the remote control by flipping through too much channels. I wonder whatever happened to my CSI addiction a few years back.

Thursday is for the current season of Desperate Housewives (we’re only two episodes behind), and really, I have to give Katherine Mayfair a second look. I like her. I really do, even if I’m so pro-Bree. I just hope the Mayfair’s family secret doesn’t get dragged for the whole season, although what they did to Orson Hodge last season was pretty okay. Well, I was actually not thinking of that, but of the Applewhites! I somehow didn’t like that arc.

Every Friday I watch nothing except for whatever’s on that would make me stay in one channel for an uninterrupted 2-minute period.

Saturday is for the replay of Prison Break (see Monday), Top Chef, Saturday Night Live and the replay of House, and whatever’s on Lifestyle Network. Last Saturday, I actually enjoyed half of “30 Most Outrageous Celebrity Feuds”. On regular Saturdays, I seek refuge from a Friends marathon while covering my books with plastic. I know, super lame. But hey, sometimes I put in Veronica Mars or endure a crappy movie on HBO or Star World! Ah, weekends.

Sunday is only for the replay of Studio 60. I love this show so much I treat its Sunday replay as if it’s the first time I’m watching it. I must even confess that since it also has a replay on Wednesday afternoons, one time, I chose not to leave the office pantry after a quick meeting just to catch it. Sssshhh.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

I also download Gossip Girl and the current episodes of House. But that’s only two shows to add to my list.

Sometimes, I can’t help but miss Boston Public, Alias and Gilmore Girls.

With only these very limited shows I keep myself busy with, I am wondering where does my time go? My free time, I mean. I feel I’m not reading too many books. I don’t have that much socials. I guess I’m pretty much zapped into nothingness most of the time.

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