What’s in the bag?

There was a major clean up of my bag closet so my Mom asked me to use the bags that have been “forgotten” for years now. I used one yesterday and when I got home I noticed that one of its handles was about to detach itself from the bag. I picked another “forgotten” bag from the closet – funny that most of my bags two to three years ago were either beige or tan – and when I unzipped it I found a scratch paper with the following on it:

Usapang Gago sa office

-country, Carrie, Shaniah, Freddie, Ryan Cabrera, Rainier Castillo


-Secretary din ako!

– Joe d’ Mango on internet radio

– Manilya

– Harry Gasser and Kiko

– Bayabas / Guava High

– National Geographic Espesyal

– iba’t ibang klase ng ngipin

I totally forgot when I wrote it, much more what they meant. I’m sure though that it was a guide for a blog entry. These so-called punch lines probably happened while it was impossible to sneak in a blog update. I still do it now.

I’m trying hard to remember what they meant and how funny they were. I browsed an old notebook a few weeks back and on a random page I saw yet another “Usapang Gago” outline of terms.

During moments of sadness, I wish to have a time machine handy so I can go back during those times. I promise to blog right there and then.

Categories: Random Judie

2 replies

  1. Of course, papahiramin kita! Salamat sa pagdaan!

  2. Hello. Unang dalaw.

    natutuwa din ako kapag nakakakita ako ng mga dati kong isinulat… parang hindi ako ang nagsulat. ?_?

    Pahiram po ng time machine pag nakakuha ka na. Kelangan ko din nun e… hehe.

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