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It’s that time of the year again, when either you overspend on (expensive) coffee in exchange for stickers or sign up on a girly site, to exclusively redeem (in case of the stickers) or purchase (in case of the girly site) a planner. The things that people like me do for a planner.

Since 2005, I’ve been lugging a Starbucks planner and I’m happy to maximize everything it can offer especially since I spent an insane amount of money and consumed an insane amount of caffeine just to get it. The 2005 planner remains my favorite among the three (2006 is not sturdy and I don’t have much luck with sewn journals in the first place, while this year’s, while more “plannery” looking, is too bulky – and I’m speaking as someone who’s in the habit of inserting paper or sticky notes in between planner pages).

I was told that 2 days ago, Oplan:Starbucks stickering started already and I heard that the planner up for grabs is less bulky than this year’s but is still leather-bound. I haven’t had time to swing by any Starbucks outlet, and the “Brewing Soon” tarp of the one in Rob Ermita will be that way until November 29. You can imagine what I felt when I saw that they’re going to open on November 30 pa. Hay, whatever for, by that time, people would have claimed their second or third planner, and knowing how inggitera I am, I can’t accept that. So it’s Starbucks Bayview once more! It’s high time to throw a little weight around my American colleagues so they will have coffee delivered in the office. Ever since our cafeteria opened a little kiosk in the lobby, they all preferred cafeteria coffee instead of the hassle of calling and waiting for coffee from across the street.

I am bound to get this year’s Starbucks planner, yes, but I also cannot pass on the temptation of the Belle De Jour planner since I did not go for it last year. I am scheduled to pick up my planner as early as November 17 at the Rockwell Bazaar. For P500, that’s definitely cheaper than a Starbucks planner. Nevertheless, I am going to have them both. Now I don’t know if the planner will resemble anything like this but if it does, then I’m happier. I’m a girl, get over it.

After getting these planners, the best I can hope for is a very wonderful 2008, with happy events and fantastic plans to fill them with.

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