student blues – edited

I will not whine a lot starting today.

For the past three days that I was on leave, I spent each day in UP Diliman processing my readmission and cleaning up my self-made stupid cloud as regards enrollment. As of today, I managed to enlist in… four, repeat, four classes, the confirmation of which I’m unable to see because that darn UP Information System site said that my log in name and password were invalid, when those were the same things I used to enlist myself a few hours ago. I tried logging in again and I was successful! However, only three of my four desired classes were confirmed. Yay!

In addition, I so don’t understand the concept of enlisting now then viewing if you did get the slots the next day or at 7 p.m. the same day. Who gets to decide in the course of a few hours if you will get it or not? Why can’t we get a slot, subtract one from the available slots for the benefit of the next enlistee, then print your choice subjects right then and there? Post-advising, as the term implies, will occur after that, after which you can go ahead and finalize your enrollment OR go back to the computer lab to cancel/replace subjects as your adviser deems fit. Life is easier that way.

I am actually pissed now because yes, I can access CRS, IUS, or whatever you call it, but it won’t recognize my log in details. I just need to see if the magical CRS banshee enlisted me in those four classes. It seems it doesn’t like me or I might have done something wrong with my log in details, though I am bound to believe the former. The banshee threw in some limited love my way. Gracias.

My next free schedule is on Monday, Veteran’s Day, and only by then will I be able to fix my webmail problem (if it doesn’t fix itself overnight – I’m giving it a chance because my classmate-friend was unable to check hers last night but was able to this morning, so tomorrow, we’ll see), confirm my enlistment, undergo post-advising, pay my tuition fee and settle everything related to it. Take note, November 9 is the official start of classes… I am skipping it because of a plan I have had weeks before this. Yes, a date is more important than a class. Ha-ha. Well, this class was the one that didn’t get confirmed. The banshee might have read this entry and decided that since I’m off to a bad start anyway, might as well not give it to me. Sayang, it’s going to be Sir Velasco pa naman. Mataas magbigay ng grade, hahaha!!!

Edit: I am going to try the Faculty Prerogative option next week, just to see if I can get in to one more class. I so want to take 12 units this semester, and if they will allow 15 units I’ll even go for it. There’s an Area III class (every Thursday, 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.) that still has 4 slots available. Either that or any of the Anthropology 225 classes which were both closed as of today. Ang tigas ng ulo ni Octavo, God is already telling me to take 3 subjects only pero mapilit pa rin! Hopeless case!

Another thing I have to settle on Monday is my ID. Have you ever gotten interested on something trivial, something that you don’t normally pay attention to, then realize later on that the reason why you took notice of that was because something related to it will happen to you? It’s quite like thinking of someone randomly then you will bump into the very same person a little later.

While at the enlistment queue, I noticed a board beside Room 115 which said that this so-and-so place is the best place to go if you lost your valuables. A good 10 minutes after that, while fixing my things at the Faculty Center restroom, I noticed that my ID’s missing. Nah, I wasn’t bothered. Who would want it anyway? Besides, I’m thinking I could drop by that board again on Monday, go to the room mentioned, with the hope that someone took it there. If it’s not there, I will just apply for a new one. I don’t like my picture in that ID anyway. When I applied for it, I was wearing a sloppy shirt with a fishbone on it. It was too late when I realized that the photo guy may have found it cute so he included it in the shot. I didn’t like the outcome because it’s too distracting to see a graduate school ID whose photo has a blue fishbone contrasting heavily with the maroon background.

My Monday will be jampacked. I should be there as early as 8 a.m. It’s the start of my happy doom.

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