This is it.

I attended the first sessions of two of my three classes since yesterday. For the first time, I was told what it was that I’ve plunged myself into. No sugarcoating, no window-dressing. I know it somewhere deep in the recesses of my small brain but what differentiated the path I’m taking from the path of someone simply abreast with current affairs was affirmed to me. So I’m staying put.

It’s going to be tough as what every semester always has been. With caffeine and pre-scheduled socials to entertain me on the side, I think I can make it. Last year was entirely different and I know it’s not happening again in a long time because God loves me.

In the meantime, since I deliberately put them on the backseat, it’s time to be intimate with Carr, Morgenthau, Waltz, Keohane, Nye, and a few others once more. Would you believe, I’ve even drawn a book by Vladimir Lenin to report on sometime in January. Before Putin, I was so into Lenin so this is a sign that it’s really going well.

I’m sure, work and its holiday peripheries (read:Christmas parties, presentations) would distract me a bit but I know how to put it in its place. In fact, I feel I’m poised to finish a lot and perform better now. Mukhang challenge lang ang kailangan sa akin para mag-deliver ng mas maayos. Akala ko pa naman, lovelife. Hahahaha. 🙂

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2 replies

  1. yep, goodluck to us, m’dear!

  2. Welcome back to being a employee/student Judie. Your class started na pala.
    My first day will be on Thursday night.
    Goodluck sa atin. Hope we cud make it.

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