The Christmas Show

I typed this last night after watching Studio 60. My wifi connection was a b*tch then so I had to save it for later (now). The moment isn’t over. I’m a fan.

I’m glad to be home very early because I was able to watch Studio 60’s 11th episode, The Christmas Show. It’s not the best episode of the season but I loved it for its different storylines. I watched it at such a time when I was very tired from a long day, when you normally don’t want any more heavy plots and complicated twists. The following made my night:

* Matt aiming for a no-frills, no controversy, as good as it gets Christmas episode, much to the disdain of his pool of writers.

* Harriet being offered the role of Anita Pallenberg.

* Danny accompanying Jordan to her OB-GYN.

Danny : (Upon finding out who the father of Jordan’s baby is) Did you sleep with him so he will give the information? (Earlier on, we knew that Danny failed his drug test and as such, he cannot do a movie, something Jordan used to sort of blackmail him into taking over Studio 60 when Wes Mendel was fired)

Jordan : No, he gave me the information so he can sleep with me.

Danny : Still, integrity all over the place.

* Jack Rudolph’s reaction to Jordan’s pregnancy. Their banters, that of a network chairman and a network president, have been the coolest by far.

* The Santa statue doing the Nazi salute, which the director, Cal, didn’t see until Matt pointed it at him. Cal figured Santa was waving to his reindeers.

* The Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s potential run-in with NBS, which was brought by a soldier in Afghanistan shouting the “F” word as a rocket-propelled grenade almost hit him and an NBS reporter while a live interview ensues. I found it absurd that for such liberal level of media freedom in the US, the FCC would fine and can actually suspend transmitters of media networks just because of a live feed participant going bonkers. If an RPG fell as close as that RPG did, they would’ve mouthed something more profane than that and if i’m FCC I wouldn’t mind. The option that they stood up for per the media conglomerate owner (the very cool Wilson White) was to let FCC do their thing, sue them if needed, and they will fight it.

* The New Orleans ensemble of very talented musicians from Tipitina’s Foundation. It was very heartwarming, when they played O Holy Night with the city of New Orleans, through the years, as backdrop. It moved me.

* Matt, perhaps getting into the Christmas spirit, bluffing Harriet into going with him for a comment on something she did during the dress (rehearsal). He pulled Harriet and kissed her. It was gooooooooooooooood. Then he pulled away and casually told Harriet about her hand placement in one of her segments. Aww, I like men like that. Too proud to admit he loves you but it’s overflowing, he doesnt know what to do anymore.

* Danny going to the “Say it! Say it! Say it!” place. It’s basically Matt urging him to admit that he has feelings for Jordan.

* Matt and Danny greeting each other Merry Christmas. Now, I feel the Christmas spirit.

I am a fan. I don’t know how long this would last but right now, it’s all good.

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