It’s party time

The theme of our unit Christmas party is Back To School.

Not everyone was amused because they thought we’re all required to wear school uniforms. In truth, they can be anyone in school. A teacher, principal, headmaster even – P.E. teachers, cheerdancers, and many more.

Since I always take themes seriously, I am in a quandary if I will appear…


…as Tracy turnblad


…or as a pleasantly plump Ginny Weasley

♪     ♪     ♪

Our presentation for the whole Mission party was also decided today. My suggestion of a modified Cell Block Tango didn’t fly. SD asked me if I felt bad that my initial storylines on the proposed skit was scrapped altogether. Hell, no. Between a skit and a musical, I have always preferred the latter. They don’t know that I’ve been fantasizing about performing Catherine Zeta-Jones’ All That Jazz version for three years now, I just can’t find the right time to do so. As I said, I did try inserting Cell Block Tango but even I thought it’s not doable given the remaining time. Still, I wouldn’t mind being in it in the future.

Frustrated performer talaga ako.

Categories: Employee Judie

3 replies

  1. Lai and Ms. C!!!! Now, lalo ako na-confuse! 🙂

    I’ll keep you posted kung ano na napili ko. Bummer lang kasi most people in the dept (alam mo naman, Ms. C), KJ eh kaya kainis mag-dress up.

  2. you would be perfect as tracy! i saw the movie twice on my flight from LA to Manila. and then do that dance 🙂 perfect!

  3. BE GINNY BE GINNY!!! But I see u more of a Hermione… Curly hair, buried in books all the time, supersmart… U’re a perfect Hermione Granger!! =)

    And OMG! I -LOVE- Chicago!! I saw the musical, then saw the movie, then saw the musical again while it was here in San Francisco. “Come on babe, why don’t we paint the town….” My fave songs are All That Jazz and The Cell Block Tango too! “Pop… Six… Squish… Uh-Uh… Cicero… Lipschitz…” hahahaha…

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