my bag of randomness part 1

Whew. I’m still here! Everything is happening so fast now.

Saturday – Sooo tired but you know what, I enjoy walking all the time in UP. As in even if I know I can always hail an Ikot, I prefer to just walk. I know most shortcuts by now. I got there after lunch and was rushing till closing time because of tons of books I borrowed/photocopied. And take note, they only covered two meetings, even less, I think, of my three classes. You’re equally pressed for air even if you’re studying part-time. Sh–.

Despite my very heavy bitbit, conveniently arranged in a starch bag from- get this- SM (the green one?), I went straight to Rockwell to claim my Belle de Jour planner. I decided to skip the bazaar because I want my mom to see it too (and when she’s with me, I can always borrow money). There were stalls outside the bazaar area and that’s where I splurged on (paper folders which has cost me P200 in all, all so worth it).

By the way, I bought an I Am Not Plastic eco-bag. Ms. C, I have one na! I’m planning to buy more kasi it’s so convenient. I can fit a lot of things in there, I love it. I recommend it to everyone, rather than buying an Anya Hindmarch knock-off sold for P250 at 168 Mall or P450 naman at Landmark. I don’t like it when a brand or a style gets so popular, and I know it’s mean but I can’t help but always judge if a person is carrying an original or a fake one. Unless it’s very obvious naman, like all the rich aristocratic ones na obvious na may pambili – but then again, how sure could we all be???


Here’s my bag. I carried it since I bought it until today. Very very useful. There are different eco-bags everywhere, so we can all take our pick. As for me, I can only take what is obvious that I can afford.

Anyway, here are my other cute finds, long and short folders and envelopes from Michelle Simone! They were all P10 each. And yep, the black one is my BDJ planner.


The planner looked okay, and true to its ad, it’s a very feminine planner. It even has a period tracker! There are lots of discount coupons, too. Cool. And yeah, it’s mostly pink. I’m excited to use it but I’m also aiming for the Starbucks planner. I’m down to 11 stickers. Sariling sikap ang pagpupuno ko ng sticker card na yan. Damn. Btw, here are sample pages of the BDJ planner:

bdj-blog-2.jpg    bdj-blog-1.jpg 

I went home a little before mall closing. Mom was egging me to go home dahil may lutong special ulam ang uncle ko. I replied to Mom, “Dito muna ako. Masarap magbasa. Atsaka ang daming artista. Hahaha!!!” A little later, she replied, “Jologs ka talaga.” I didn’t text back. Then may follow up pala, “Kung dyan na lang kaya tayo manood bukas ng One More Chance?” Ahahaha!!!

Sunday – true to my promise to my Mom, I brought her to Powerplant para doon kami manood ng One More Chance. I’m not a fan of John Lloyd and Bea. Okay lang. But my Mom is. Anyway, we had lunch at Crustasia, went window shopping, dumaan sa bazaar but bought nothing because ang daming tao – which made me realize, a commotion is a commotion kahit mga well-off at uniformed maids ang nasa loob. Kairita ang daming tao! I was tempted to buy 2 dresses and a formal top but I had to fit them first. I got impatient waiting in line at the improvised dressing rooms. Anyway, the bazaar was good, overall.

So, One More Chance. For the longest time, SB and I were teasing each other of this one line sa movie. “Mahal na mahal kita. At ang sakit sakit na.” Kablag. Then the exchange that a lot of people would relate to, at one point.

Babae : Hanggang ngayon umaasa ako na sabihin mo sa akin na ako pa rin. Ako na lang. Ako na lang ulit.

Lalaki : She had me at my worst. You had me at my best. At binalewala mo lang lahat ‘yon.

Babae : I just had to make a choice.

Lalaki : You chose to break my heart.

Kumusta naman ‘yon????

The next days were all eventful. At least in my eventful-meter. Part 2 is coming.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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3 replies

  1. uuuuy. touched naman ako. will give you na lang my small pasalubong on thursday night. what is a belle du jour planner eniway? ateneo at starbucks lang ang alam ko… bring it na rin so i can see it. can’t wait to have some pasta! i’m giving up akiko thompson for you gels. seeya 🙂

  2. Hey girl, you should. Sulit naman 🙂

  3. 2 people already quoted that line “She had me at my worst. You had me at my best. At binalewala mo lang lahat ‘yon”

    nako parang gusto ko na manuod talaga =)

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