my bag of randomness part 2

I would like to write everything down because I don’t want to dig Clementine from my treasure chest anymore just to chronicle the things that happened.

Monday Worked and worked until 3:30 p.m. I got to the Faculty Center just in time for my class. It’s a class on IR theories so obviously it’s a requirement for IS students. That’s why it’s a total shock to discover that we’re only – hold your breath – TWO students in class. Yup, TWO. We actually were three on the first meeting but he dropped out after reading the requirements. I asked the prof if the class will be dissolved; he said the department allowed him to move on anyway.

Duuuuude, that’s three people in a small conference room for three hours. And we’ll be discussing theories. Goodluck talaga sa aming dalawa ni AM who is also a full-time employee. If it’s any consolation, the prof always makes you feel that you did the right thing in pursuing IS. It’s in the way he talks. Sabi nga ni MQ, a classmate-friend who took his class last year, when you hear him talk, feeling mo ipapasa mo ang compre ng ganun lang kadali.

Since we’re only two, my class responsibilities now include reporting on Fukuyama, Keohane and Nye, Lenin and Mitrany. Hoot. Sisiw.

Tuesday I totally forgot what I did in the office so it must be another round of routine correspondence to people all over the planet. The best part of this day was the e-mail from the our budget office asking me to claim my LONG OVERDUE allowance from my last outreach. Salamat, may pandagdag sa pambayad sa credit card bill!

Anyway, my Tuesday class was a blast – and I know it’s going to be that way the whole semester. Our prof’s the coolest. And if there’s one thing I validated, it really was obvious kung nambobola ka lang dahil you weren’t able to read the designated books. Good thing I was able to pull it off with minimal gore. I was even able to blurt a long-running angst on an undergrad prof for commenting that I have a very elitist view of (my topic). Di ba, I haven’t gotten over it. Good thing I was validated by the explanation that I shouldn’t be commented on for something that the details and variables presented to me. Eh sa iyon ang findings eh. Had it been the other way around, ano naman kaya ang masasabi nung prof na yon, hmm? Wow, adolescent angst. Ang tagal ng lifespan!

Wednesday Busy day, gusto ko nang magsisigaw! And it rained very hard. I was forced to tell my classmates I’m going to miss the meeting where I’m supposed to report on political parties. I got off from work with a decent time to still make it to class though I’ll probably be an hour late. Indecision, indecision. Until Sheila, Sandy and I crossed Roxas Boulevard and instead of hailing an FX to Taft Avenue, I dropped by Starbucks in Bayview for some hot mocha until I decided not to go anyway. I felt a bit guilty but I tried to make up for it by reading Robert Michel’s take on the oligarchical tendencies of political parties. Dorkiness.

When I got home, I received texts in succesion…from my classmates who were frustrated that the prof didn’t show up. Geez. It only meant my report’s still up next Wednesday (I offered to take on another topic on December 5 for I thought I’ll be missing out on the first one).

Thursday We were closed because of Thanksgiving. Before I thought of messing up my life this way, I initially intended to watch all nine Thanksgiving episodes of Friends (they didn’t have one in Season 2). So that roughly translates to four hours of viewing time. Of course I don’t have that kind of luxury time now so I tried whatever I can watch today. I was on the second Thanksgiving episode when my uncle called me and in a nutshell, it was about the Dogeaters and Avenue Q ticket reservations I made that can’t seem to be released due to some idiotic policy of this mall.

I was so mean on Thanksgiving, slamming the phone headset so hard just because I couldn’t take how absurd some policies were. Yeah, I took it out on the person but I’m sorry, I was really pissed that time and talking to someone who I presumed was listening, only to hear her answer another phone line without the temerity to tell me so, making me repeat everything I said while she was on the other line, totally blew my top.

In the end, I cut short my Friends Thanksgiving marathon and headed to Greenbelt where it took me a breezy five minutes to claim nine tickets.

To get to the Ayala MRT Station, I took the Landmark-Glorietta-SM route, my first since six weeks ago, which was ,yes, 2 weeks even before the unfortunate Glorietta blast. Glorietta didn’t look as sullen when I passed by but for a place teeming with people on a lunch hour, it was surprisingly the contrary.

Innocently, I peered at the area where G2 had been and it was now just a giant white board wall.

Anyway, I got to UP a little after 2 p.m., walked loooooong distances, researched anything I can for the period allowed, and had a new ID made. By the way, remember my semi-rant on my (lost) ID two weeks ago?

I don’t like my picture in that ID anyway. When I applied for it, I was wearing a sloppy shirt with a fishbone on it. It was too late when I realized that the photo guy may have found it cute so he included it in the shot. I didn’t like the outcome because it’s too distracting to see a graduate school ID whose photo has a blue fishbone contrasting heavily with the maroon background.

Well, well, well. I was wearing one of my comfort shirts – my canary yellow Tigger shirt when I went to the Registrar’s photo booth. I asked the photo guy to just take a shot of my face. I dont know what came to him that instead of only a blue fishbone in my graduate school ID before, I now have a photo ID with the words TIGGER blazing on it against a maroon backdrop. Darn.

To make myself feel better, and to wait for the ring bind jobs I placed in Blessings, I shopped for UP merchandise. Shirts, pins, lanyards, and a sweater. Nalibang masyado! I loved my purchases though.

I got home at 8 p.m. but I felt so tired I ate dinner and did a short blog update (see below) then drifted off to sleep. I woke up late today and it made me very miserable…for about three minutes.

Today, Friday, was a happy day. Sadly, I’m already too tired now. I hope to make time for a continuation tomorrow. I hope to do so in between making and organizing my Christmas-related lists, catching up on December’s Vanity Fair, ironing details for Dad’s 1st death anniversary next Friday, reading more on political parties to spice up (but not necessarily intellectualize) my report, more on international organizations and diplomatic laws, and E.H. Carr’s The Twenty-Year Crisis.

At best, I hope to be up by 9 a.m. tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed. Whew this week has been fun.

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  1. Goodluck to us, girl! You’re probably right – there’s something good about this. You know what, after two weeks of classes and rummaging through endless requirements, para ngang mas paborito ko sa lahat ang 2-person class ko na ‘to!

  2. Monday itinerary palang yun nababasa ko gurl. I can absolutely relate to this 2 students in one subject mo. Apparently you’re not the only who has te same dilemma (?) I’m in the same situation. RLE subject, skills in handwashing, nebulization, catherization etc, 2 lang kami ng classmate ko. From 6-2pm every Thurs/Fri. Good thing it will only take 3 weeks. I dunno what will happen kung this will take the whole sem. My good and not so good thing naman about it diba =)

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