fire, earthquake, awards, foiled coup, and other adventures

Fire –

I’ve been asleep for an hour when I felt something warm in my cheek. I thought it was odd because I was put to sleep by the very cold wind slapping my face – I sleep with all my windows open to save electricity, by the way. Seconds later my mother was shouting at me to get up because the house next door was on fire. It wasn’t really but the house at the back of it was.

It’s surreal having to see that giant of a flame very near me, and the direction of the wind even made it appear that it’s going to lick my bedroom window anytime soon. It’s a combination of red and yellow and the smell was chokingly terrible. I was tempted to get my camera to take even just one shot of it but sanity overcame me so I grabbed a small envelope of important documents, grabbed my office bag and marched downstairs where my mother and uncle were. All my neighbors frantically wrapped and shoved their things to the street and hosed all houses in the vicinity of the burning house to prevent fire from spreading.

I panicked for a while but there’s a part of me that said we won’t be harmed by the fire. However, the adrenaline rush outside was contagious so I went back upstairs, grabbed suitcases and dumped clothes in them, and my tons of reading materials for this semester. Surprisingly, I didn’t even grab a book. It was weird as I thought of it after. Not one book, I’m telling you. On my third flight upstairs, I remember pausing then telling God that I leave the fate of all my books to Him. And it’s not because I already have a cabinet-ful of them at the garage; most of the books that matter to me are in the room and at the shelves in the other room. What’s funny pa was that in one sweeping motion, I managed to put almost all my Tigger stuff in one suitcase (almost all because the big Tigger stuffed toy and all my Tigger pillows wouldn’t fit anymore). When they were putting back the things, my mother was shocked with the contents of that suitcase. I guess that’s an indication of my priority levels.

An hour later, the street was still busy with people putting things back to their partly wet homes. The firemen came on time and the spirit of neighborhood cooperation was very much alive. It was sad that one person died in the fire. God bless his soul.

I barely slept after the ordeal and went to the office as usual, then attended my 2-person class that afternoon. Life went on and it always will.

Earthquake –

I was halfway through my lunch when I felt the first shake. I always feel something like it because of my unstable sleeping patterns. The next one a few seconds after that confirmed that it wasn’t just me. KG announced that she felt it, too. By the third time, I told everyone to grab their things and go out of the building. I know that it wasn’t the drill we were taught in case of an earthquake but if your office is actually in a dungeon – the bottom-est one at that, you would rather risk the hallway roof falling on you than the weight of the whole building. Believe me.

We rushed to the side door that leads to the open grounds where a lot of employees flocked to as well. I was not really scared. If you came from an almost-fire 48 hours before that, your numbness-to-potential-disaster was still very much in place. A few minutes after that, we all rushed back to our workstations as if nothing happened. I finished my lunch and went back to responding to e-mail inquiries.

Awards –

I’m proud of my ladies. EO’s employee of the month for November, something that was long-overdue. SB and KG, hardworkers that they always have been, received Franklin Awards (for innovation). Then SC scored 96% in the consular exam we were all required to take. She’s been with us for only four months and she did it! And on her first take, mind you!

I’m very happy with my team even if a part of me is sad that the opportunities weren’t as available to our other officemates. I guess everything is wonderful in their own time. I didn’t get anything lately but seeing my staff get all these organization-wide recognitions make me very fulfilled. Even though it’s not at all accurate in our set-up (meaning they actually work harder than I do, I guess), everything positive accorded them reflects on me, too. If only for that, okay na ako. If they’re great, it follows I’m also great. Bwahahaha, evil!

A Ho-hum Drama –

As we were always clueless of the outside world when we’re in the office, PDG’s text about the court walkout didn’t hit home that easily.It said something like, “Trillanes walked out of hearing, he’s now walking with Lim, his guards and Dodong.”

Dodong? we asked. Yung boyfriend ni Inday?

A Google news search later, we had an idea of what was happening. We thought it’s going to last a long time. We’re nationalistic in our own little ways but what we thought then was, Will our dinner date with Ms. C in Cubao push through?

Oh, that and sana umabot ito hanggang next week para walang pasok!

We tuned in to news sites after that, and after a short meeting which ended at 3 p.m., we further awaited what’ll happen. Then there was an organization-wide notice that we’ll be let off early in anticipation of the heavy traffic brought by the Bonifacio Day activities the next day. Yeah, right.

We were hesitant to leave without knowing if our plan is still on or not. In fairness, it’s quite risky on most fronts especially that time when we didn’t know yet what will happen. By 4 p.m. we decided to cancel the date and eat somewhere near the office before going home. We were enjoying food sharing and maki-tripping when after dramatic blow-by-blow text accounts, pussy boy surrendered. I’m not at all privy to all the issues and arguments surrounding this debacle but I know enough to tell you sissypuss that it’s the second effin’ time, the best thing that you should’ve done was to blow your brains out, or let them do it, because your planning skills were obviously very poor, you pissed hordes of people instead of getting your point across. Hampering operations in the business district, stopping jobs of people who were paid per day, weren’t really good examples of convincing us to get this president out of her seat. I’ve always thought that their initial arguments against this government were valid but the means they employ to justify them weren’t as appealing. How then, you may ask. Go straight to the point, for instance. Kill her. Then hope that the person you put there wouldn’t be the same – although no assurances on that. And besides, people like them, wala naman silang nagustuhan kahit kailan. Meron ba?

“All communists are cute!”

I watched Dogeaters with Mom a while ago and that line was my favorite of all, uttered by Perlita Alacran (Pearl of the Orient!) played by the Jon Santos. It was gooood. It wasn’t really extraordinary but it’s very good. Some characters didn’t stir interest but the ensemble as a whole was amazing. I have to say Trini Gamboa (Chari Arespacochaga) was my favorite character mainly because I can relate to her very very well, hihihi! Andoy Ranay stole the show both as Imelda Marcos and Chiquiting Moreno. The powerhouse cast made my Saturday night. I had a terrible headache because of the cold temperature of the auditorium but it was well worth it. I also saw a colleague with whom I presume is his girlfirend but I didn’t get the chance to say hi. A lawyer-friend was there with her friends, too. Wrapping up the night with a hot peppermint mocha while downing my favorite painkiller was goood. 🙂

Other adventures –

Dad’s first death anniversay yesterday. It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year. It was heartwarming, the way we remembered it. I will blog about it separately.

I missed two of my classes because of work. I felt guilty. Big time.

Because of peer pressure I am looking for a temporary boyfriend until February 15- so I will have someone this Christmas, the New Year celebration, my birthday and on Valentine’s Day. Now, because of the utterly selfish motive of this desire, I guess I’m not bound to find someone. And let me repeat, it’s only for a temporary period. A permanent set-up still freaks me to the core.

I received SkyCable’s letter informing the removal of Solar Channels from their line-up effective January 1, 2008. The shows of their replacement channels – Dirt, Dexter, CSI, Supernatural – only very few of them are interesting. The ones they preview are trash. I’m going to miss Studio 60 and Top Chef. And Ellen and the late-night shows. Prison Break, too. Change is never easy but I’ll see how they will fare. I think they will fare very poorly. Hmph.

I don’t like it when my mind asks me questions about what I want in my life and my heart cannot give a response. Hormones, hormones.

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  1. just read your other adventure,sister, too bad i missed it. how I wish i’ve been there with you guys in dad’s first death anniversary,but situation didnt permit me to do so. and im bit upset to someone..(you know who.).but your correct she maybe impluenced by that bullshit lady. (ipakulam ko kaya he he).. that’s all for now sis.. I miss my bed coz im just arrived from 72 hours duty…Regards to all I love you.

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