Nasa Facebook ka na ba?

Before I go to a serious update, let me share that my already-busy life was further messed up – in an enjoyable way – by Facebook. I’ve been swimming through it lamely because it’s really not for the non-web crazy, and I unfortunately fell into that category.

PDG sent me an invite and a recommendation to join Fighters’ Club (FC). It’s been nothing but fun since I joined 24 hours ago. I have not done anything whoa-worthy there but I’m a very excited spectator-slash-on-the-way-to-becoming-an-active FC member Facebooker. 🙂


Facebook isn’t as user-friendly as Friendster or MySpace but I enjoyed it more than I did the two. If you have a minute, please sign up and add me. Kaaliw, promise! 🙂

That’s all. Back to reading about anarchy.

Categories: Citizen Judie

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  1. ay juday! truly ahlavit! how do you get a screen shot of your facebook? i want to blog about it too! paki email naman to your tech-challenged inang. thanks!

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