Solo flight

Remember my two-student class every Monday?

My classmate didn’t show up today so it became a one-on-one session with me and the prof.

The bad thing was I didn’t read a lot because I knew my classmate was going to report. When it’s only you in a class of two, it only meant that you should answer all questions the prof would throw.

The good thing was this prof isn’t known to be the ask-y type. He did ask me a few times but those weren’t the let’s-see-if-you-know-this questions. Usually though, he would deliberately hang his sentence, expecting me to finish. Maybe it’s his gauge if I’m still with him. I was. All through 150 minutes of it.

It was a class on theories but the set-up was very good. Imagine, I usually don’t remember anything after a class, but tonight, I was finally able to reconcile the talking points in functionalism, neo-functionalism and international regimes. I felt like a real student tonight.

I hope this provides sufficient impetus to gradually bring back my sponge-like memory (which entails the capacity to actually understand, eh?) in terms of academic stuff. I used to be very good at it until I turned 14 years old and my academic interest diminished faster than I can spell pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis – meaning I didn’t deteriorate that fast but my interest did wane soon enough.

I can’t help but laugh at how this semester would take over my life, and it’s funnier because I engaged in other activities which would supposedly take a great chunk of my time as well. Quarterlife is really very messy. I imagine a watermelon ran over by a speeding jeepney.

My OC side made me buy three pens of different colors, which I’d use to write down the tasks for each of my subjects. That way I can see if I have to do something for a certain subject at a particular time. So that’s pink for my International Relations Theories class, green for my International Peace and Security class and purple for my Political Parties, Interest Groups, and Elections class. For P49.50, I managed to kick-off an organized semester. You should see my planner. It’s peppered with color…as aside from the three colors above, I use classic black for my regular errands and a maroon Stabilo Pen 68 for miscellaneous stuff that needs to be in the planner, too.

Don’t hate me because I’m weird. Embrace me instead. Come on. 🙂

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  1. I guess we are all unique.That’s what makes our personality special. I also have my own weird habits as a student.

    I have lotsa of folders. Clear folder for my Student Registration and Syllabus. 3 Different folders for each subject. That’s where I put my photocopies and notes.

    I have posted a diagram of human anatomy at the back of my door so that everytime I open it,I can read a part of the body and memorize where it was located hehe.

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