Hysterical week!


I’m on a caffeine high because of my mother. Yes, of all people whom I can blame about this current state, it’s my mother.

This week has been hysterical! I find myself all over the place and I meant in a very unstable kind of way.

 Monday! All my start-of-the-week plans were ruined. I woke up close to being unable to walk. Seriously. See, two days before that, we had an office daytime affair and the rest of the afternoon found me and my friends walking around UP – and by walk around, I do mean WALK AROUND. I was wearing my super flat plastic sandals which was lightweight but it’s…super flat. As you know, I’m fat pleasantly plump, and I’ve been used to running around in my 3-4 inch heels, depending on the time of the week, so you can surmise how uncomfortable it must have felt at the end of the day.

Anyway, I felt it on Sunday but I busied myself with studying (oh yeah, I surprised myself there) that I didn’t realize the extent of it as compared to if I took my usual Sunday routine of going out with my mother dear. So Monday morning, I stood up from my bed and I literally wobbled and fell on the floor. It was so scary. Imagine, both legs giving up!

I was close to crying because I really thought I’d be invalid. May drama pa akong, Lord, marami pa po akong pangarap, wag naman po!!! Ang pathetic di ba? But the fear was very real.

I sought a physical therapist and was ultimately advised to use orthopedic sandals or shoes from now on. Forgive my bias and probably ignorance but when you speak to me of orthopedic sandals, I instantly think of sandals na pang-madre na nabibili sa Naturalizer at Aerosoles. Ang labo nung naka-attribute lang sa madre ano? I think I was not that exposed to wearing those kind so pardon my reference.

After some routine leg and feet exercises every morning, I’m feeling a bit better now. Hindi na obvious na pipilay-pilay. I haven’t bought an orthopedic footwear because the Aerosoles and Naturalizer branches in Robinson’s are yet to open. Plus I’m really banking on not resorting to it. I love them soft and light sandals but to wear them as a prescription? Parang ang hirap tanggapin.

Tuesday! I have to make up for all my lost time at work! It’s maddening! Ang ending, I had to skip my class, which bummed me out because I really love that class kahit feeling ko wala akong substantial na nai-co-contribute in our meetings. Actually, I don’t have to feel it; wala talaga akong naco-contribute na substantial, to be frank and specific. You can even ask the professor.

The highlight of my day was eating at the renovated TGIFriday’s while reading Power and Interdependence. Nosebleed na naman, right? Anyway, I was surprised that they no longer honor Bistro Gold Cards – sayang ‘yung 20% discount! Tsk. I was told that the replacement card was long overdue and when I asked if there’d be changes, they said that Outback will no longer be part of the card coverage. I was given a coupon of sorts that would still give me 20% off on my next visit but only after consuming items worth P1,500. Parang lugi naman ‘yun.

Wednesday! Another madness day! Worked in the morning! Brought my reports and other what-nots to my classmate in Supreme Court so she’ll hand it to the prof that night. Sobrang pagod sa katawan for someone who has just recovered from a traumatic lower limbs experience.

The theme of our party was Back To School and just when I mentioned my dilemma about showing up as either Ginny Weasley or Tracy Turnblad, everything went down the drain and I decided to come as a UP student daw. UP shirt, jeans, rubber sandals from Tribu. Okay na yun, nakaraos naman. This year’s party was semi-fun, and I really felt that the quality has dwindled since I first experienced it 4 years ago. My kapal-muks artista mode was also waning, as I noticed. But “performing” in front of people still didn’t faze me though – it’s just that the interest to think of ways to better those performances weren’t as enthusiatic as before.

I met with mommy dearest and 3 other Titas at Robinson’s after the party. I could have used the time off, as I left them midlifers to talk about their past, back when they were kids and were all looked down to, yadda yadda yadda…to read more about complex interdependence and the realist critique of idealism. Instead, I decided to grab a marked down copy of Lipstick Jungle and read it. I missed that kind of non-academic reading. I craved for a rather unintelligent, no-brain-cells frying read after a while. It was breezy. Getting to a hundred pages or so was effortless. And yes, I enjoyed it terribly.

For my second cup of espresso, upon my mother’s insistence because there’d still be more “topics” that she and my other Tita will talk about, I contemplated on flipping through my textbook but Lipstick Jungle quickly took the interest away. Really, between patterns of regime change and the travails of high-powered women in their midlives, it’s definitely easier to while away your time reading the latter.

We’re home by 11 p.m. and I didn’t feel an ounce of sleepiness, which started to worry me because there’s still work the next day. I spent my hours listening to mushappy (mushy and crappy) songs while weighing if the intense desire to have that one very meaningless casual sex fling would be better towards this guy and that other guy. My friends willingly founded Team T and Team G to express their support for these two guys, just so I could have a lovelife.

Lovelife. The term scares me as much as that loss of muscle control I had last Monday.

I’m here in the office very early today because of the transport strike. I asked our neighbor who owns a taxi to pick me up during his first trip. I didn’t know that he goes out on the road as early as 6 a.m. At least I got here very early, 45 minutes before my official start time. That’s a feat for me. Really. Especially when I barely had an hour of sleep!

I can’t believe it’s only Thursday. Madness! Madness! More of it is coming soon. If this is what having a colorful life means, then thank you.


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5 replies

  1. Are you OK na lechemars? I hope that the legs/feet thing is only temporary and that you won’t need those shoes.

    Grabe napagod ako sa dami ng ginawa mo ha.

  2. Oh, and you must – MUST – update me with the lovelife thing ha!! I WANT TO KNOW!!!!!!!! Do not deny me my right!! hahahaha

  3. O, Auntie Judie, be kerpul wid da knees/feet thing. Remember it runs in the family. Your Ate has the same issues, and so did Lolo and other Octavo’s. Ewan ko ba, bakit knees/feet ang tinatamaan sa tin. Sorry to hear bout ur troubles. How’s the orthopedic sandals workin out for u? Oh, and the fire thing! Scary!! Glad to know you’re all safe.

    I really do mishu. I miss chatting. But this will do. =)

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