I forgot to mention that part of my hysterics that was Tuesday was ETC 2nd Avenue and Studio 60.

First, 2nd Avenue aired K&R Part III. That’s the 2nd to the last episode! Kainis. Was that brought by Solar Channels’ exclusion in the SkyCable listing effective January 1? Natanggap nyo ba yung sulat? Kagigil talaga.

I commented that I’ll miss Studio 60 because by the time 2nd Avenue gets cut off, nasa 18th episode pa lang sya. Hm, they must have heard me so ginanyan nila…perhaps a way of telling me, O ayan para hindi mo ma-miss tatapusin na rin namin bago matapos ang taon. Huh?

Second, there was no sound on 2nd Avenue for the first 20 minutes of the show. I thought it was our cable connection na sira. I checked ALL the channels, bukod-tangi that Channel 53 has no sound. I was trying to call SkyCable but of course, it will take you 700 years and 900 presses to talk to someone. Nagka-sound but it was intermittent. Ang lakas mang-inis tlaga. Then on the 30th minute, ayun, umayos na. Argh, that’s almost 20 minutes of banter I missed. Ano naman ngayon if 3x ko na napanood yung episode na yun?

I’m on the verge of getting my own DVD set of Studio 60, if not for the region problem which I’m more concerned about. Ewan ko ba, when Lai bought season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy in the U.S., it played seamlessly in Ms. C‘s player. I don’t want to get my hopes too high with Studio 60 kasi baka madisappoint ako! Maybe I’ll ask Ms. C anong brand ng player nila. I have Philips na sabi nila can play other regions than Region 3 pero anong nangyari? Yung The Good Girl ko ayaw! Although yung Rock Star, okay naman. Both of them were also bought by Lai. So let’s see.

I really like the show that’s why I think buying it and playing it over and over again would make me get over it. Ganun lang naman yun. Parang pag may crush ka sa isang tao. Naks naman, smooth segue talaga.

Categories: Random Judie, TV & Movie Buff Judie


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