You gotta go after the things you want while you’re still in your prime*

I am taking advantage of being able to surf using MY computer again. So this is going to be long. This is most likely caused by the generous amount of caffeine I consumed today not because I need to be awake but to add stickers to friends’ Starbucks cards.

As said, I am blogging now using MY computer. Yes, this after getting confused, worked up, depressed, undecided and confused yet again if I will squeeze my money juicer anew to be able to afford a laptop before the year ends. A computer is a necessity for me so the need is very much justified. Anyway, most of whom I talked to suggested to invest on a Macbook instead especially now that the dollar exchange rate is getting lower each day. In passing, I talked to one of our IT guys, casually mentioned my computer’s current problem, and he meekly suggested something about fixing BIOS and other things that I didn’t understand.

So out of curiosity, when I got home, I turned the computer on, explored the setup menu and randomly tapped keys in each menu page that mentioned BIOS or even just the word BOOT. For some reason that I thank God for, I restarted it and voila! I’m back! Although I have to make the most out of this session because tomorrow, all these could be gone and everything’s gonna go haywire configuration-wise.

Now the dilemma is, do I still have to buy a laptop or give the idea a rest because this is working again? Decisions, decisions.


Next – the papaya dance. See, I’m known to be really shameless in the office in that I almost always say yes to performing. Frustrated artista tlaga! Anyway, it was our Christmas party today and while Manny Pacquiao didn’t matter much (tipong mag-boxing ka na lang because obviously you’re very good at it, tama na ang pagkanta…which also brings forth the fact that ewan ko ba, ang jologs ng opisina namin pag minsan!), Edu Manzano also dropped by and of course, led the Papaya-dancing. My team and I securedly sat in our “usual” seats which was near the stage to see the performances but was hidden partly by the bushes to prevent us from being volunteered or randomly picked in icebreaker activities. The big boss enjoyed dancing that she felt the need to go to the other employees by herself and ask them to dance with her. It was one side of the throng of employees and Edu took it as a cue to take on the other side of the audience and announce a “Who dances the papaya song better” fun game.

So it meant Edu asking all of us to stand up and who else but me would be one of the willing victims. To cut it short, people have texted me that I was very visible in Bandila, the late-night newscast, in my screaming red top, dancing to the papaya song. Uy this might be it. Nag-uumpisa na ang career ko. Hahahaha!!!


I watched Avenue Q with friends tonight, including the IT guy whom we’re setting up with a friend.

The show was very good, the cast was wonderful, and we all had a good laugh. Rachel Alejandro was particularly superb both as Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut.

The songs were all good and that’s the musicale-obsessed in me talking. I am a lyrics-before-melody kind of person so SC was laughing at me as I started to well up on Fantasies Come True and There’s A Fine, Fine Line. Why, I even teared on some parts of I Wish I Could Go Back To College and For Now!

This is what I mean, further.

Fantasies Come True

Who’d have thought
I would see the day
Where I’d hear you say
What I heard you say

And now I find
What was always in my mind was in your mind too
Who knew? Fantasies come true
And now I see
That what I always dreamed of was meant to be
You and me and you, fantasies come true

There’s A Fine, Fine Line

There’s a fine, fine line between a lover and a friend;
There’s a fine, fine line between reality and pretend;
And you never know ’til you reach the top if it was worth the uphill climb.
There’s a fine, fine line between love
And a waste of time.

There’s a fine, fine line between a fairy tale and a lie;
And there’s a fine, fine line between “You’re wonderful” and “Goodbye.”
I guess if someone doesn’t love you back it isn’t such a crime,
But there’s a fine, fine line between love
And a waste of your time.

*The title of this post is my favorite line in the song. Pasok sa banga!

For Now

Don’t stress, relax,
Let life roll off your backs
Except for death and paying taxes,
Everything in life is only for now!

I am glad to have made it to Avenue Q’s repeat, and on its first day pa. I was sort of interviewed for the production’s post-show video that will be put up in youtube. I said something stupid and short so I know it’s not going to make the cut. One exposure for the day is enough daw, hahaha!!! We all had a good laugh in Starbucks as we imitate Lucy the Slut – sabi nila ganun na lang daw dapat ginawa ko. Oh well, next time, if there’d be one.

Overall, the show was great. The songs were entertaining. The puppet sex scene was the highlight of the show. Hahaha, perv!


I was idly flipping channels last week when I came across Music Station on Animax. Parang TRL ata yun ng Japan. Whatever, I decided to stay on for one song. I chanced upon Ikimono-Gakari when they sang Akane Iro No Yakusoku. It was translated as Deep Red Sky. For some reason, it was very loosely translated via subtitles but I’m such a sucker for romance I loved it in an instant. Okay din naman ang melody. I looked for other songs by the group and they’re also good. Probably I could list down learning how to speak Japanese in my million things to do before I die.

Here’s the group’s performance on the show. See for yourselves –


I’m running low on cash because humility aside, I always love giving people anything on Christmas. Since my network has expanded, add to that the increased number of people who are really in need of something, I simplified all my gifts to accomodate my meager budget. Baka nga sa iba, hugs and kisses na lang maibigay ko- priceless naman yun, and I do it very very well. Hahaha!!! Anyway, napansin ko I haven’t decided what I want to get myself this Christmas. Though on second thought, all year round, I practically spoil myself with gifts so it won’t make a difference if I don’t get anything for myself this year.

But of course I’m only human and I also want badly. Assessing my real priorities, I discovered that the most precious gift of time would be awesome. Kaso malabo ata. I just want some time off na wala kang iniisip kundi pagca-catch up sa pagbabasa – yeah, dorkiness, I know. But seriously, that’s what I want. A two-week uninterrupted reading time. I do have time to read but for my acads, I read cables and literature related to work, and other responsibilities that I have to do because I’m apparently an adult now…dun ako napapagod at nagsasawa.

Anyway, in lieu of that gift, I would settle for the CD of Corinne Bailey Rae

The complete DVD collection of The West Wing. (uh, as of June 2008, I got season 1 and 7 already!)

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip DVD set. (Ahhh! Done! Got it three days before Christmas from Astrovision!!!)

A black Stella McCartney Microbounce Daha training shoes from Adidas.

That’s about it. Very attainable, aren’t they?


If you think that I’m almost in my vacation mode, it’s very wrong. I have regular full-time work next week (which, on the other hand, I should be very thankful for), an intensive report on power play and regime changes on Monday, a verbal critique of the realists on the concept of idealism on Tuesday, a book review on Wednesday, side-by-side with a term paper proposal on the increasing role of international non-profit democracy groups in electoral exercises. Nosebleed na naman nga. And I think in other orifice of my body baka duguin na rin ako dahil dito.

All of these and no one there to hug me and cheer me on. Talaga naman, oo.

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