my TV is a sucker

Yes, it sucks me to it, glues my eyes to it, even if I have lots of things to do.

First, let me say that ETC 2nd Avenue will be on free TV starting January 1, 2008, replacing RJTV 29. It said so on an advisory crawl when I was watching Studio 60 a while ago. Though speaking of Studio 60, next week will be the finale episode so even if 2nd Avenue does go to free TV, the show will be over next week. There’s still Top Chef and Ellen to look forward to anyway.

Second, Astrovision was on sale and I just had to buy Season 7 of The West Wing. Po-problemahin ko na lang ‘yung seasons 1-6 later. The DVD set was calling my name when I passed by the DVD rack. I managed to squeeze in the first two episodes of the season when I got home, and it took me a lot of willpower to eject the disc out of the player. Bakit ba hindi na lang maging holiday bukas?! Anyway, the season started with the kickoff of the Matthew Santos-Leo McGarry campaign, and it’s smack dab in the middle of my quandary over my PoliSci class (Seminar on Elections, Interest Groups and Political Parties), and Mar Roxas’ early presidential campaign wagon. Don’t ask anymore but let’s just say I have deep interest on both.

The West Wing cast is amazing, and I am slowly shedding my lustful thoughts of Danny Tripp in favor of Josh Lyman. Sabi ko na dadating din ito. I love men whose minds and mouths are always active, making sense on both parts most, if not all, the time. Three more days and I can buy myself time to swim through the remaining 20 episodes.

That is of course, on top catching up with my growing pile of DVDs, most of which are from my buys last year pa, the remaining first season episodes of Brothers & Sisters, and the first season of Rome. My friend STH messaged me that she’s ready to lend me her complete (and original!) The Sopranos DVDs; grabe sabi ko talaga don’t be a devil’s advocate and hold on to them muna!

I guess apart from a two-week uninterrupted reading time, I should also wish for kahit two weeks din of watching TV and DVDs, na walang ibang expectations from me kundi to enjoy the stuff in my viewing queue. So that’s like a month of time for myself, to feed my earthly desires.

At least ganito lang ang earthly desires ko. If only for that, the decision to grant them shouldn’t be as tough. 🙂

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