Tigas ng ulo

I don’t have my orange-rimmed eyeglasses today but it didn’t stop me from borrowing a book from our department library just because we held an express meeting there.

While waiting for my friends later at High Street, I can start reading Zadie Smith’s White Teeth.

Okay, so I neither read nor waited for my dear ones in High Street. But I was in Market where I almost finished my Christmas shopping not without something for myself of course. Meh, I just bought myself some more books. And they’re very cheap, too. For P198 (almost $5), I bought four new books from Chapters and Pages.

I met with YC and Iryn separately and had a well-deserved dinner peppered with updates and striking a balance between understanding Angelina Jolie and not feeling that bad about Jennifer Aniston. Hahaha!!! (Time and again, I respect all Brangelina worshippers but I still cannot like them entirely. Rubbish or not, I really believe the little talks about Jen’s relationship with the Pitts of Missouri…which, sad to say, may take a long time to work it out good with the Jolie-Pitts of…the globe?)  

Bakasyon na!

Categories: Bookworm Judie, Citizen Judie

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