oh, dear God

I might be selling a scrape of my liver anytime soon. It’s supposedly my kidneys but I have unhealthy ones so it might not cost that much.

See, I thought I was done with my Christmas shopping. After all, once you’re able to give a little something (I mean literally little) to many people, that should be ok. Unless utter self-love sets in and creates havoc in your pocket.

I was scheduled to buy the last among my presents, the one for my Mom, when I was lured to take the Adriatico 2nd floor wing route in Robinson’s, ergo passing by Mango which screamed that all of its items are 50% off. Egad.

Long story short, see you next month with your higher figure, mi credit card bill. To console myself I just think my credit limit is chipipay compared to others so I need not worry about the total bill even if I maxxed it out. Besides, I can always go to another third world country, assume a different name, and start anew. Hahaha, ang overacting.

It’s not only about the clothes and bags sale. Again, I was only buying an iPod travel charger when fate mocked me again and made me see, in the leftmost, almost hidden corner of the DVD racks behind the Astrovision cashier, this:


Haaaaai! It’s the sole set of the branch and I was told they won’t probably have more because no one buys it. Hahaha. No one but me! I think I just had an orgasm (a mental one) when I held it. I’m so happy.

The image was from Amazon; I took a shot of my own DVD set but my computer acted up again so I can’t upload it, which brings me to my next story as I really terribly need to replace that computer with a new one. Which entails more expenses, by the way. Even if I have it fixed and sold to an officemate.

I did fix my computer a little bit last week but since I’m really no computer expert, it’s bound to act floopy again. And it did. I have some pictures to upload, some files to download, some videos to erase (ahem, hahaha), so I just need probably one last commune with it before I give it up. With the level of my spending power, I can perhaps afford paying for a laptop on an installment basis (which will last for 18 years, hahaha!!!).

Hay, life.

But if at the end of the day you feel happy and ecstatic with the things you did, I guess they’re all worth it. Tao lang eh.

Merry Christmas one and all!

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  1. sometimes, it pays to be uberly rich, esp when you love to shop… =)

    it’s utter joy to do your own shopping, believe me..=)

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