Return of the Judie!

Wow, it’s only been 9 days but it felt like ages ago. Surprisingly, I didn’t miss internet surfing like I used to whenever faced with a computer crash, an out-of-town vacation or a simple crazy week involving non-computer activities. Nagbabago na nga ata ko ng priorities, hmmm.

Anyway, I hope your Christmas celebration went well and in less than 48 hours, we’re going to ring in the new year naman! I’ve told most of my friends that I really feel that 2008 is going to be very very wonderful for me!

I’m making this update now using Simone. that’s what I named my laptop. Yihee!!!


Kahit medyo namumutla pa dahil sa poor lighting ng shop, here I was very excited when they unwrapped and prepped Simone for me.


Simone is a Compaq Presario V3000; the specs are okay for my semi-literate internet life. For 12 payments with 0% interest, I took it as an advanced birthday gift to myself. Right now, I’m still getting used to its interface, having used a desktop computer for about 10 years. For one, the fonts appear differently. I am in love with Georgia point 10 and somehow it appears differently when viewed in a laptop. The same goes for other fonts. Ganito ba talaga? I’m not complaining though, just wondering.

I’m operating on a 30-day trial of Windows Vista, too. I heard some not-too-nice feedback about Vista so I don’t know yet if I’m going ahead with it after 30 days, or go back to XP. It’s a simultaneous learning phase for me lately, with the laptop and ito ngang Vista. Mukhang hindi nga user-friendly but I’m a creature that only takes some getting used to then I stop complaining altogether.

And why Simone?

Hindi ko pa man nabibili, I was thinking hard na of what to name my laptop. Bakit kailangan may pangalan? I just like it. My digicam is Sandrine, my iPod is Sophie. My TV is Travis. My (former) monitor was named Dora Diamant, accompanied by Jack Rudolph, the CPU. So when I got the laptop, wala pa rin akong pangalan. On top of my mental list actually was Simpson; and only because I was thinking of something that has lasted for a long time and ang naisip ko, The Simpsons! But you know that feeling, yung no matter how stuck you were with a name, there’s a feeling that it wasn’t it? I was in that state.

Then yesterday, I bought a bargain book which happened to be the memoir of Simone de Beauvoir. I realized, that’s it. Simone. It sounds okay, plus I thought yung expectation ko everytime I pass by the AS bookshops in UP na meron na sanang copy of her book, The Second Sex, says that I have an inclination to like Simone the name. In fact, I also included it in the list of possible names of my future baby girl, just because it’s the female variation of the middle name of a former crush na politician. Hahaha!!!


I have a lot to do before the year ends – long overdue cleaning of a year’s worth of trash, kasama na din doon ang pagwawalis ng personal demons. Na-miss ko ng kaunti ang Facebook eh, pati Flickr, but I would like to blog soon about the different Christmas celebration I had (even though I gained 1 million pounds and 500 mosquito bites when I got home), and the movers and shakers of my 2007. This has been a joyous ride. 

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