Cleaning up for 2008

It will be 2008 in a few hours!!! For a reason I cannot fathom, I’m very excited for 2008 to arrive. It’s not as if I have something to look forward to. For sure it’s still gonna be the same round of procrastination both with work and my school requirements. Tinatype ko nga lang sa ngayon, nanlulumo na naman ako. The entrance of the new year does not preclude banishing all the pending stuff I left.

I spent a great time of the past two days cleaning up. And I haven’t finished. The funny thing is, cleaning-wise, I have to do it all over again in about six months if I intend to really keep my shelves, drawers and racks orderly. I threw a lot of stuff but kept a lot that passed my scavenger barometer. I particularly loved my keychain souvenirs from friends all over the world. I also had a blast re-filing my travel junk – boarding passes, Wal-Mart receipts, used phone cards, temple pass, and the like. Goes to show I haven’t traveled extensively kaya may panahon pa ako magganyan. It didn’t stop me from collecting though; Erwin can prove my demand for collecting junk from his Tokyo sojourns.

 messy accessories   tigger junkie

These are the “before” sights of two of my beloved drawer and rack respectively. Thank heavens, they were all organized now. They just needed some sorting love! I very rarely invest on expensive blings and am usually content with the ones in the picture. Madali din naman lumipas ang fad eh but I’m happy that most of my accessories are timeless – simple bracelets and necklaces that areeither black or white, or whose colors can easily go with any outfit. As for my Tigger collection, I stopped listing them dahil padami na sila ng padami.

tigger by my headboard   tigger pillows    more tigger pillows   tigger keychains004.jpg   tigger shirt

Pillows, all of them. Kung saan saan na nakalagay, meron nasa bed kasi ginagamit ko, some are high up in a rack, meron nasa ibabaw ng kung saan, all because I cannot afford to crowd them in my bed dahil saan pa ako matutulog? My Tigger mugs are increasing as well and my latest count in all totaled to 15 – hindi pa doon kasama yung he’s with his Hundred Acre Woods gangmates! I was also wearing the latest of my Tigger shirts above. I have about 16 of them in different designs, and I don’t buy a design na may kasama si Tigger. So yung 16 na ‘yun, solo lang nya, in different poses and layout na more often eh kitang-kita ang kabadingan nya.

I asked myself na rin what would I do ba with all those keychains,shirts, jacket, pens, stamper, stationery set, toothbrush holder, pencil cases, clip-on air freshener, story books, socks, hairclips, headbands, wallets, neckties, gift cards (I hoard them), greeting cards (the most precious of which were the creatively-designed ones from Marks & Spencer that I regret not hoarding because I can no longer find anything like it), umbrella, raincoat, and even a plastic harmonica (hahaha, good find!)?

I don’t know the answer to that but it’s been so me to collect anything Tigger. Some stuff in the collection were from my sister, thoughtful friends and an ex-boyfriend. It may not be too much to wish for Tigger stuff in future occasions pala. Calling you all, my birthday is in 19 days, haha.

I was so tired from all the cleaning and my Mom took it upon herself to not help me, which is okay, really.

Oh, it’s 11:40 p.m. in my clock so it means I have to go downstairs and jump, throw coins and marvel at the fireworks by our neighbors…through the years, nakiki-share na lang kami ng paputok at ingay sa kanila. After all, we’re only three people in this household, we cannot do so much. Ako pwede naman mag-contribute ng sigaw.

Let’s usher in the new year with a big smile on our faces!!! This is gonna be good, I can feel it!

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2 replies

  1. hahaha thanks! it took a lot of effort para magmukhang room tlaga yan. though dont you agree na even if your room is messy, you like it that way and you know where each and every stuff is located?

    happy new year, pearl! i told iryn last time we’re together that i want to meet you so i hope it pushes through soon! 😉

  2. ang ayos ng room mo. i’ve cleaned my room before the new year celebration but it still looks messy. i need to have more closets to be organized. unfortunately, there’s no more space for another closet. i can’t even post a picture of my room/bodega kasi super nakakahiya.

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